Xbox Game Pass surprise! Outriders is coming day one!


Microsoft makes a significant move on April 1st. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Outriders for free on release day. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing People Can Fly’s Outriders, even after the spectacular demo, the time to get interested is now. Gamers can play the Square Enix looter-shooter RPG on Xbox One, Series X|S, and phones and tablets through xCloud. Unfortunately, iOS users will still have to wait until Microsoft releases xCloud for the web. Square Enix will also release Outriders on the PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, and PC on the 1st.

On March 12th, Xbox Game Pass teased an upcoming title on Twitter. See below:

Fans speculated what the mysterious Xbox Game Pass release would be. Most of the community correctly determined the game to be Outriders. At this point, it’s difficult for Microsoft to pull one over on gamers, not that they genuinely tried. Whoever is behind the Game Pass Twitter account loves to plant tiny seeds as they toy with our emotions. 

PC gamers, I’m sorry to say that Outriders will not be available to Game Pass for PC. Despite that, it will be available on Steam and the Epic Games store. PlayStation players may find a more difficult time canceling, as Sony doesn’t allow you to request a refund if the download has started. 

Xbox Game Pass is ramping up

The Xbox Game Pass value continues to rise with day one releases, shaking up the traditional video game release format. Having access to new video games is better than gamers crossing their fingers, hoping their pre-order/purchase is worth it in the end. Coupled with a free demo that Square Enix routinely updates, the company urges us to experience Outriders.

Outriders - Golem

If you already pre-ordered and pre-loaded, don’t worry! Xbox allows players two weeks to return the game for a refund. It shouldn’t be hard for major retailers, both online and physical, to cancel orders. Eager fans who pre-ordered will receive a DLC pack that includes guns, an outfit, and truck decals. However, canceling the pre-order means you will have to buy the packs. 

For anyone unaware, Microsoft does pull games from Game Pass. For third-party games, like Outriders, Xbox typically keeps the title for one year; This is subject to change based on what the publisher wants. Once it does leave, players can buy the game for a ‘hefty’ discount – 20% off the game and 10% of related add-ons. 

Preparing for Outriders

Whether you purchase or not, your saved files save to the cloud, so your data is accessible later. Everyone may carry over their data from the Outriders demo, but there is no cross-save feature. Since saved data is restricted to the console we play on, only Xbox Game Pass subscribers will take advantage of importing their saves. If you want to participate in the demo, it’s available indefinitely!