Xbox Drifting Controller Lawsuit Continues


Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 Controllers Added To Lawsuit

A newly amended complaint filed on October 2nd has demanded a jury trail to address the ongoing Xbox controller lawsuit. The original lawsuit filed in April claims a large number of gamers have had issues with Xbox controllers drifting while playing. Now, the Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 have been added to the list of controllers that have potential issues.

Xbox Controller Issues Have Been An Ongoing Problem For Years

This isn’t a new issue that just popped up out of nowhere for Microsoft. In fact, plaintiffs for the lawsuit have mentioned this has been a problem dating all the way back to 2014. The drifting controller problem makes it next to impossible to play a game without wanting to throw your controller in anger. I’ve personally bought controllers that have drifted and it’s such a problem especially if you’re playing first-person shooters. One lawsuit complaint perfectly sums up the experience you’ll have using a drifting controller…

“Microsoft lures consumers into purchasing the Xbox controllers by touting the Xbox controllers as superior controllers that enhance gameplay, describing the Elite controllers as the ‘world’s most advanced controller’ and emphasizing the Xbox one joysticks and buttons as possessing ‘Ultimate Precision. Microsoft does not disclose to consumers that the Xbox controllers are defective, causing the joystick component to fail. Members of the general public have the right to know the latent defects with the Xbox controller components”

Hopefully this will lead to gamers at least getting their money back for broken controllers or some sort of financial compensation. This isn’t the first time a gaming corporation has had to deal with controller issues. Anyone remember the dreaded Nintendo Joy-Con lawsuit? Unlike Nintendo, I don’t expect Microsoft to admit fault…