Ukraine Recognizes Esports As Official Sport


Ukraine made the decision over the weekend to make esports a fully recognized sport in the country. The decision was confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry for Youth and Sports. Lobbyist from the Ukrainian Esports Federation (UEF) and the Ukrainian Professional Cybersport Association worked hard to push the movement forward and political leaders came together to make esports an official sport in the European country.

We cannot ignore this phenomenon because Esports is developing very fast all over the world. Audience interest is growing every month as is the involvement of our population. We want our children, who are already at the computer most of the time, not to become addicted to gaming, but to be able to turn their hobby into an intellectual competition.

Ukraine鈥檚 Sports Minister Vadym Gutzayt

The UEF have been working on this recognition for well over a year. This is another huge step forward for esports and further proof of the power of the community. Over the years, esports leaders have made massive steps to make esports a legit sports genre. According to the data below, esports will have more viewers than every pro sport other than the NFL by 2021.