U of M Announce New Esports Program


The University Of Michigan has launched a new competitive Esports program that will focus on multiplayer PC gaming. The student organization known as Arbor Esports worked with the U of M Recreational Sports to form the new partnership. Finally, Esports is getting the recognition it deserves at the University Of Michigan!


U of M’s Director of Recreational Sports, Mike Widen stated the new program comes at a perfect time considering the current circumstances due to COVID-19…

“Esports is growing in popularity all over the world, and we are seeing a significant growth in the number of student Esports groups who want to represent their respective college or university, the same way as in traditional sports,”

Mike Widen

Student coordinator for the Esports program at U of M, Alex Downs says its time to recognize Esports as more than just a hobby…

“This sponsorship is exciting because competing in Esports isn’t just a hobby for some students. It’s a passion. A passion that many students on campus share. A passion that relies on health, wellness, teamwork and communication.

Alex Downs

Universities across the country are launching Esports programs. The new program plans to raise money for a physical location via corporate and private donations and sponsorships. Spectators will be able to watch the competitions via Twitch. The next competition kicks off September 29th and 30th with the UCLA Esports Summer Invitational – League of Legends.

For more information regarding sponsorships or to make a donation, email Lexi Chaput at lexic@umich.edu.