Top 20 PPR Running Backs


1. Christian McCaffrey CAR

Coming off a historic 2019 season, Christian McCaffrey doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. A first time NFL head coach and new Quarterback shouldn’t derail his production. If Teddy Bridgewater does a decent job, expect McCaffrey to put the same, if not more numbers than last year.

2. Ezekiel Elliot DAL

I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with these so-called “Experts” and the criticism of Zek. Dude ran for over 1,350 yards, caught 54 balls (71 Targets) and found the end-zone a total of 14 times. With Mike McCarthy coming in, and the Cowboys Wide Receiving core looking stacked, expect to see the Cowboys played ahead and Zek will keep eating. He’s the clear number 2 this year for me, expect big numbers from Zek.

3. Saquon Barkley NYG

I don’t believe there is a sure-fire number 2 in the rankings this year. Saquon is here by default, is this the year that he pops off and becomes what all fantasy owners have envisioned him to be? We’ll see. It doesn’t take away from his greatness, but he does play for the New York Giants. If Daniel Jones is as consistent as he was down the stretch last year, it’ll take the pressure off the box and Saquon which will mean more consistent production.

4. Dalvin Cook MIN

Dalvin was a very nice fantasy back last year. With Steffon Diggs leaving, production should improve this year. He only rushed for 1,135 yards last year, but this was made up for by 13 rushing touchdowns. It also helps that he caught 53 passes and averaged almost 10 yards per catch. If he’s healthy, watch out. I see the Green Bay Packers taking a step back this year, and the spot is wide open for the Vikings to step in and claim the division.

5. Alvin Kamara NO

Kamara is coming off an up-and-down 2019 campaign, but remains the main man in the New Orleans’ backfield. Kamara ended the season with a Yards Per Catch slightly above 4.5, and exactly 81 catches for the third consecutive season. A lack of usage near the goal line limited his fantasy production, but that should change this year. He falls in a really good spot here, his ceiling isn’t as high as the previous 4 backs in front of him, but it is higher than the rest of the backs on this list.

6. Austin Ekeler LAC

Ekeler is one of my favorite backs this year. Melvin Gordon has moved on to Denver, and the touches will increase this year. He’s the most important asset on the offensive side of the ball. Expect him to challenge for 100 catches this year, any statistic improved on the rushing side of the ball is just a bonus. Now, with it not being clear who will have the starting job, this is what ultimately has Ekeler falling 6th in our rankings this year.

7. Aaron Jones GB

I’m not sure how I feel about Aaron Jones this year, 16 Touchdowns is very hard to replicate. Especially coming off a 13-3 season that seemed to always go in favor of the Green Bay Packers. I think GB lose an additional 3-4 games this year and Minnesota takes the division. What does that mean for Jones? 1,000 rushing yards and 50 catches is doable, but if you’re banking on him 15+ TDs, good luck.

8. Josh Jacobs LV

Last I checked, 1,200 rushing yards and 20 catches is a pretty good season for a rookie running back. There is a very good chance the Raiders improve this season, and Jacobs finds himself with more goal-line opportunities. 242 rushing attempts will probably just north of 250 this season, and I could see Jacobs snagging 30 passes as well. If Gruden and Carr can sort things out, Jacobs will be in prime position to finish the year as a Top 5 RB in PPR statistics.

9. Le’Veon Bell NYJ

I’m not sure how I feel about Adam Gase & Sam Darnold, but I know how I feel about Le’Veon Bell. Coming off a disappointing 2019 season, these next two seasons could be the last you’ll see Bell in any Top 10 fantasy list. Let’s look at last year, if he gets the same amount of touches, but improves in Yards per Carry and the Red-Zone, he’s definitely a Top 10 production back. It’s a prove it year for Gase, Darnold and Bell, expect good things this year from a Jets team that could sneak 7-8 wins this year.

10. Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC

It’s really hard to rank this guy. His ceiling could be through the roof, or he could be really inconsistent and have good weeks here and there. Does he have the year Kareem Hunt had with KC? It’s hard to say now, I think 10 is fair considering the roster situation. That doesn’t take from the fact that Mahomes will having plenty of options to choose from, it’s going to be fun watching this play out!

11. Nick Chubb CLE

I had Chubb as my RB1 last year, and he produced when it mattered. Having said that, the Browns are the Browns. It’s really hard to say what happens this year, Will he get another 298 carries this year? It’s hard to say, what about Kareem Hunt? Too much uncertainty at the moment, but Nick Chubb is no doubt a Top 10 RB any other season. Don’t forget about COVID, it could work for and against him.

12. Joe Mixon CIN

I had Mixon as my RB2 last year as well, and boy was he clutch down the stretch for me. I ended up losing in the final, but that’s not important. What’s important, is that Joe Burrow will be behind center this year for the Bungals. Mixon saw career highs in Rushing Attempts & Receiving Touchdowns. If Burrow bring stablility to the offense, it’ll free up the box and give Mixon a chance to replicate his workload with higher Yards Per Carry & Yards Per Catch.

13. Derrick Henry TEN

The big man got paid, and deservedly so! He carried (literally) that offense last year. Why does he fall to 13 this year? It’s really nothing against him, I just don’t see Tennessee winning more than 7 games this year. The Colts look in pole position to take the division crown, but I could be totally wrong and the Titans could continue their winning ways by playing ahead, smashing it down your throat, and eating the clock.

14. Miles Sanders PHI

Sanders saw almost 200 carries that least, as well as 63 receiving targets. He played a big role, along with Carson Wentz in securing the division and a playoff spot. He has the potential to finish in the Top 10 of production for a Running Back. Depending on where you’re drafting, what the board is looking like, etc…he will serve as a great RB2 option. He’s out to prove the haters wrong, and I hope he does! He could easily be in the Top 10, go get em Miles.

15. Leonard Fournette JAX

Fournette had 100 targets last year, along with 265 carries. The guy was a workhorse back, but I don’t see him getting the same amount of touches. Chris Thompson will surely take away those dinks and dunks, but make no mistake Fournette is a good RB2 option to have. Again, he’s one of those players that can produce at a Top 10 level.

16. Kenyan Drake ARI

Year number 2 for Kyler Murray & Kliff Kingsbury, the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, the Arizona Cardinals could be really fun to watch. It’s fair to ask, where does Kenyan Drake fall in the pecking order? Red-zone touches are surely to be tamed with the addition of a guy who has one of, if not the best hands in the game. Drake showed his production is worthy of a RB2 tag, and it’ll be interesting to see if he reaches the 250 carries mark as the full-time number 1 back for Arizona.

17. David Johnson HOU

The guy who seems to disappoint fantasy owners every year is pretty high on our list, for two reasons only. He’ll have a fresh start in Houston, and it might reignite his career. We all remember his fantasy output, depending on how your draft goes, he could be a viable RB3 that you can keep on the roster and play when you want to. He’s above players that are more likely to produce more than him, but if things do go right in Houston, he could have a dark horse fantasy year. It also helps that Deshaun Watson is his QB.

18. James Conner PIT

James Conner was injured and disappointing last year. Which makes him an ideal RB2 option this year. Let’s take into consideration that if healthy, with Big Ben back behind center, Conner could easily be a steal in the mid-rounds. Having said that, we aren’t sure where the Steelers will fall this year. Over/Under currently sits at 9.5, and I’d take the under.

19. Chris Carson SEA

Carson finds himself in an interesting position, he’s seen an increase in carries, rushing yards, targets & receptions two years running. Will that grow for a third year? I don’t think so, having said that. He’s another viable RB2, but I don’t see his ceiling being any higher than it was last year.

20. Todd Gurley ATL

I can only see this working for one year and one year only. What could this year hold for Gurley? 200 carries, 850 yards, 10 touchdowns? He rounds out our list as a hopeful RB2, but really an RB3 that could have a few RB1 games and sometimes an RB2. We’ll see what this year holds, and Todd Gurley having a good year is good for everyone and the NFL!