The Houston Rockets Rebuild is a Disaster


“Houston, we have a problem”? It’s terminology commonly associated with NASA and space launch disasters. However, its a phrase that’s commonly used to describe the Houston Rockets. Year three of the rebuild is another disaster. That comes as no surprise. However, sitting at 10-36 amidst a 13-game losing streak, the losing has reached new lows. And to make matters worse, second year guard Jalen Green is regressing.

On Friday, Green had perhaps the worst performance of his career against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Jalen had 10 points and 6 turnovers, each turnover worse than the first. Green also shot 3-13 from the field, and was a spectator when he didn’t have the ball. This unfortunately has become pattern for Green. And if it stays that way, will certainly hold him back from his true potential. This problem is team wide. Outside of Alperen Sengun, no player is developing on this team.

Rockets are being embarrassed on and off the court

The Rockets are an embarrassment off the court as well. Former guard John Wall recently spoke out on his experience in Houston, and his interactions with Kevin Porter Jr. On the Run your Race Podcast, Wall called his experience in Houston “beyond trash”. In addition, he said that he would speak to Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. and try to mentor them. He would tell them that the things they get away with wouldn’t fly anywhere else in the league.

This is not the first time a current/former player spoke out against the Rockets. Eric Gordon said he’s seen no improvement in the team. To have multiple veteran players who have respect throughout the league speak out about the lack of progress is alarming. And as much as Pistons fans might question Coch Dwane Casey, they’re not seeing anything this bad.

Victor Wembanyama won’t change what’s the true issue

The Rockets have a clear vision for their roster. However, there’s clearly a lack of direction in player development and in their coaching staff. Head coach Stephen Silas was originally brought to the Rockets because they couldn’t land any other coaching candidate they’d like. Silas was supposed to appease James Harden and continue to be competitive. Silas was not intended to lead a rebuild and a youth movement. And the way it’s gone thus far, there’s real reason to question whether or not Silas should be leading this team. Silas is a well respected coach in the league for his work as an assistant. As this situation continues to spiral, Silas looks less and less fit to lead a franchise.

The harsh reality is the Houston Rockets need more than a coaching change. This team needs more than a lottery miracle and Victor Wembanyama. The Rockets need a true vision from the top down for what this team is building to be. Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. need some tough love.  Sengun needs some help. If the Rockets don’t make any drastic changes and soon, they are destined to keep spiraling down this path for years to come.

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Featured Image Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn USA Today Sports