The free, digital-only E3 Expo approaches! Peek inside for tips on registering


In early May, E3’s organizers stated that E3 would return as a virtual experience for the fans. Fan registration opens on June 3 on Not only that, but if you are a member of the media, registration began on May 24. Exhibitors who wish to reach more consumers, along with creators and influencers, can register starting the 31st. Best of all, the all-digital show is free! Registering for access is the only obstacle!

The digital event will offer a custom E3 app on iOS and Android. There’s also a web browser app that is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. So, if anyone worried there would be a lack of ways to get involved, fear not! Fans will have access to forums, different events, and digital “booths.” We will also get to create a profile with an avatar! 

If you don’t want to participate in the virtual event, e3 will stream across multiple digital platforms. Keep your eyes out on Twitch and YouTube, most of all. 

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Sony is a no-show at E3 2021

E3 Playstation

Unfortunately, Sony is not attending the E3 expo. Confirmed are Bandai Namco, Capcom, Koch Media, Nintendo, Sega, Square Enix, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and Xseed Games. Sony’s diminished presence began in 2019. Instead of presenting at the expo, Sony runs its own State of Play events. Tune in for the next Sony State of Play event on May 27 at 2 PM PT and 5 PM ET.

E3 2021 starts June 12 and ends on June 15! Are you excited for a host of new video game previews?