Tencent + Tim Hortons Opening 1,500 ESports Themed Cafes


The gaming giant Tencent announced this week that they鈥檙e teaming up with Tim Hortons to launch Esports cafes in China.The new partnership will officially launch in November. The cafes will feature premium wi-fi, fast charging ports, and gaming chairs. Tim Hortons opened its first coffee shop in China in 2019, and has plans to open 1,500 total in the country. At the moment, China will be the only country that has Tencent + Tim Hortons locations.


Tencent And PUBG Cut Ties

In other news, Tencent is now no longer authorized to publish the mobile version of PUBG. In a statement PUBG Corporation said that it will take on it鈥檚 own publishing responsibilities. This is due to the Indian government blocked the gaming app along with 117 other apps. PUBG was the most downloaded app in India with over 54 million downloads, and will host is own publishing in South Korea. Tencent鈥檚 app WeChat was also banned in India.