Super Mario Maker is losing Wii U support


Beginning March 31, 2021, Super Mario Maker players can no longer upload their own courses to the Wii U. The game can’t be found on the Nintendo eShop after January 12, 2021, either. However, this won’t hurt the successful follow-up to the original.

What a ride, Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is a dream come true for fans. Players do not often have the means to create their own video games. Allowing us to produce our own levels within the Mario world is a formula for success! It also offers absurdly hilarious YouTube videos of the terrifying stages we should all avoid. Fans put hours in to create unforgettable 2D and 3D content. Any game that acts as a source of creativity is worthwhile!

Luckily, players will still be able to access the content they uploaded. Anyone who has purchased the game will also be able to re-download it. If you bought the game, you truly bought the license to keep circulating that game’s data to your console.

Other services ending

The removal of the game’s features will also render rankings of liked courses and the ability to search bookmarked courses inaccessible. Nintendo states players will receive an error message when attempt to access these discontinued services. Although it is a consequence of removing certain features, players are likely disappointed in losing quick access to some of their favorite courses.

Super Mario Maker’s Future

The sequel is an improvement over an already great game. Super Mario Maker 2 added multiplayer, a function that offers varied levels of chaos. We are also able create new Worlds with the beautiful aesthetics of the 16-bit era. The existence of the sequel was enough foreshadowing for the eventual discontinuation of the first title.

Super Mario Maker is going to be a staple for the gaming community for a long time. The promise of sharing content with others and running into endless challenges is the ideal state of a video game.

Rest well, Super Mario Maker, and be proud of the service your successors will provide.