Red Wings Doubling Down on Goaltending: Yzerman’s High Regard for Trey Augustine


The Detroit Red Wings made a decisive move to fortify their goaltending ranks during the NHL Draft’s second day. They demonstrated their commitment by selecting Trey Augustine 41st overall, a highly regarded prospect with the USNDTP that will be attending  Michigan State University in the fall.

Building on this momentum, the Red Wings continued to invest in their netminding future by later securing Rudy Guimond with the 169th pick in the sixth round. This strategic double-down on goaltending showcases the Yzerman’s dedication to strengthening their depth in and ensuring a promising future between the pipes.

Yzerman and Red Wings Staff’s High Praise of Augustine

When questioned about Trey Augustine and if he had the opportunity to observe his performance, Yzerman humorously replied, “Yeah, he got to watch that time all the time… maybe a little too much.” He further expressed his admiration for Augustine’s goaltending style, highlighting his competitiveness, exceptional positional play, and overall skill. Steve emphasized the team’s high regard for Augustine, evident in their decision to draft him in the second round.

Kris Draper, the current director of Amateur Scouting, acknowledged Trey Augustine’s remarkable performance with the US Team, describing it as an “unbelievable run.” Draper also highlighted Augustine’s track record of success, emphasizing that he has consistently emerged as a winner in various settings. He spoke specifically about the gold medal game, Draper expressed his admiration for Augustine’s composure and control, attributing that these qualities as the reasons why the team was thrilled about selecting him. Additionally, Draper remarked that while the game itself provided pure entertainment, Augustine’s poise in net added an extra layer of excitement.

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