Rediscover the magical world of Final Fantasy VII on mobile


The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII hit the scene to mixed reception back in the day, but the over-abundance of FF7 content was perfect for me. Square Enix is looking to grace compilation again, though this time it’s in an unexpected format – mobile devices. That’s right! In 2022, Square Enix will release two mobile games on Android and iOS. As much as I’d like these games to appear on the console, I’m excited about both titles. Unfortunately, my predictions for Square Enix’s trademarks were wrong! Let’s get into what these games are truly about.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier – Battle Royale

Final Fantasy VII The First SOLDIER

The First Soldier is a battle royale set three decades before the original Final Fantasy VII. There aren’t many official details, but the game will feature SOLDIER, the ShinRa Elite Power Company’s elite military force. Up to three people can team up in the game, and there will be classic RPG elements such as “leveling up from defeating monsters.” 

In an interview with Famitsu (translated by Audrey of AitaiKuji), Tetsuya Nomura answered some fundamental questions about the game’s story. The First SOLDIER is the game that takes place first chronologically in the Final Fantasy VII Universe. Square Enix will take us to a time before ShinRa established SOLDIER. We will play as SOLDIER cadets and watch how they grow. Unfortunately, the game will not have a deep story. Instead, it forms the backbone of the history of SOLDIER. A lack of story is why I wish Square Enix didn’t make this a Battle Royale.

Still, as cadets, players will fight the monsters of Gaia as well as ShinRa Machines. They are not against ShinRa; We will train against their machines for the cadets to experience realistic battles. 

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Here’s where things get tricky. Ever Crisis is a mobile remake of the FF7 world. Square Enix will release the game in chapters with remade visuals. On the over-world, the characters will have a ‘Chibi’ appearance. Also, the environments are a significant improvement over the classic FF7. In battle, the characters and settings look nearly identical to the FF7 Remake. That’s not the most exciting news, however.

I said Ever Crisis is about the FF7 world, not just the game. Ever Crisis features the entire compilation of Final Fantasy VII “and more.” Players will experience Final Fantasy VII, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus on their phones. For the first time, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be a playable game! 

Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix stated that there would be new story elements that explain the origins of SOLDIER. Maybe the game will give The First SOLDIER more context? Either way, Square will dedicate a story to Sephiroth’s youth. That’s all I needed to hear!

The Order of the FF7 Compilation

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is a multi-media flurry of FF7 content from the 2000s. It includes video games, movies, and novels. I do wonder if Square Enix will find a way to include the books. That doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility, considering Advent Children, the movie, will now be a playable game. Regardless, there is a proper order to the compilation. 

While I’m certain Ever Crisis will release the chapters in a manner that makes sense, here’s the compilation’s chronological order. In case you want to play and watch everything first.

  • Crisis Core (PSP) – Crisis Core follows Zack Fair; a character mentioned a few times in the original Final Fantasy VII. The prequel tells both his and Sephiroth’s story while reintroducing Cloud in his younger years. It takes place seven years before FF7.
  • Before Crisis (JP-only mobile game) – Before Crisis occurs six years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. The Turks, ShinRa’s elite shadowy group, are called to take down Avalanche. At this point, Barret and his famous cast of followers have not joined Avalanche yet.
  • Final Fantasy VII – The game that started it all on PSOne.
  • Last Order: FFVII (Animated feature film) – A short, animated film that re-tells that fateful night in Nibelheim. It’s an event in the original game. However, it’s the perfect companion to Crisis Core. Seriously. Please don’t watch it until after you’ve played FF7, or you will ruin a massive plot thread.
  • On the way to a smile (short novels) – A novel that consists of three chapters telling the story of what happens after Final Fantasy VII up to the beginning of Advent Children. 
  • The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story (novel) – A book that takes place shortly before Advent Children. Evan Townshend, a private detective living in Edge, deals with the Turks, Geostigma, and a run-in with Kadaj. I haven’t read this one yet.
  • Advent Children: Complete (movie) – A movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII that takes place two years after the original game.
  • Dirge Cerberus (PS2) – A sequel taking place one year after Advent Children and stars Vincent Valentine. It’s a mediocre third-person shooter, but the story is phenomenal with absurd JRPG elements.

Welcome back to the world of Final Fantasy VII

There you have it! Final Fantasy VII is making a big comeback. I’m not much of a mobile gamer. I abandoned Pokemon Go a while back, and now I play Marvel Strike Force. Both mobile titles are the first Android games I’m excited to play, and I’m worried about my phone’s battery. 

Final Fantasy VII Midgar

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that Square Enix is developing for mobile. I’ve been pining for a Crisis Core remake/remaster on consoles, and I honestly thought Ever Crisis would deliver. Instead, Ever Crisis encompasses the entire compilation in a chapter-based release. For now, I’m looking at the positive; Square Enix loves FF7. In time, I hope they will realize we want their games on console or PC, not a smartphone.

That said, I love FF7, so I look forward to my first mobile reviews when Square Enix releases them. Also, the company did not shy away from news about the PS5 update of the remake called Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade!

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is aiming for a 2021 release. Ever Crisis comes out in 2022.