Red Wings’ Struggles Continue


Another Bad Loss for Detroit

The Red Wings hosted Arizona in what seemed to be beforehand a favorable matchup. This was a game Detroit so desperately needed to win. Looking at the opponents they’ve faced in the previous weeks this was looking like a bounce back for the Red Wings but that was not the case last night. Detroit has let up 27 goals in the last 5 games leading up to last nights meeting with the Coyotes, In which Arizona tallied 9 more to bring the total to 36 goals in the last 6. Detroit has been outscored a whopping 37 to 18 in this horrific stretch of games. I’m sure this has been an eye opener for the Red Wing’s front office moving forward that defense is at the top of this hockey team’s needs.

Defense & Goaltending Need To Be Better

Detroit is averaging 5.20 goals against in their last 10 games since the ASG. The defense aside from Moritz Seider has shown nothing but sluggish play the 2nd half of the season, did some of these guys get too comfortable on the roster? It certainly seems so.  Some may say it’s partially the goalies fault, in which I agree to a certain extent. Averaging this many goals against in a 10 game stretch is unacceptable. However, you have to look at the play in front of them along with the chances that are being generated. From what I’ve seen our goalie’s have been left out to dry in many situations throughout the past two weeks. With scoring opportunities coming at ease it’s not surprising to see the goals against add up. 

Vrana Scores In His Return

In what seemed to be a dull night for Detroit offensively. One thing we can all smile about is Jakub Vrana returned from his 4 month long shoulder injury. Vrana skated for just under 16 mins in last nights game, Tallying 3 shots and a power play goal in his return to the Wings. I’m sure I speak for all fans that we are excited to have him back hopefully he can help Detroit finish the season strong.

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