PUBG Mobile Bans 2.2 MILLION Cheaters From Game


Mobile gaming giants PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) made a massive sweep on their platform and banned 2.2 MILLION players in less than a week. PUBG announced that in just one week the company banned 2,245,936 accounts permanently. The company used 20 detection methods to find hackers and ban them for good. 2.2 million bans in a week? That’s huge!

PUBG’s primary focus was on hackers that used x-ray vision, auto-aim cheats, and other illegal tools to win. PUBG also developed a new video review system that allows players to report suspicious accounts. The new system has resulted in an additional 12,000 cheaters getting busted. I really hope more mobile gaming apps do this. It’s so hard to enjoy playing mobile games when there’s so many hackers. PUBG has 50 million daily active users, so 2.2 million cheaters gone is a good start if you ask me.