Play At Home – Sony Gives The Free Goods To PS4/PS5 Owners


Covid lockdowns have you down? Well, PlayStation is looking to remedy that. Last April, Sony launched the Play At Home initiative. They offered the Nathan Drake Collection and Journey for free, helping gamers find sanity in a trying time. Users in Germany and China received Knack 2 instead of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The initiative is making a comeback this year. Starting on March 1, Ratchet & Clank will be free to download. Once you download it, though, the game is yours to keep!

Play At Home - Ratchet & Clank

Sony has not released a list of games that will come in the future but Play At Home is expanding to four months. It will run until June, and, in a few weeks, they will release official details about titles coming soon. I’ll keep my eyes out and hope we get some exhilarating video games for free. Ratchet & Clank is not a bad start at all.

Starting March 1, 2021

  • PlayStation and Insomniac Games will make Ratchet & Clank PS4 available for free download for a limited time through PlayStation Store from March 1 at 8pm PST / March 2 at 4am GMT / 5am CET to March 31, 2021 at 8pm PDT* / April 1 at 4am BST / 5am CEST.
  • Once you redeem the game, it will be yours to keep. This 2016 PS4 action-adventure hit from Insomniac Games revisits the origin stories of these beloved PlayStation heroes and features a great mix of outrageous combat and comedy.

PlayStation 5 owners may already have the game because Ratchet & Clank is available in the PlayStation Plus Collection. Keep in mind that this program isn’t available on PS4, as it’s an incentive to pick up the next-gen console early. I do hope that the free offers won’t all be from that list, considering PS4 owners should already have these for being loyal PlayStation Plus members. Regardless, players will see performance improvements for the games released, considering they’ll utilize the PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility.

Players will be able to download the free games from the PlayStation store.

Play At Home – A Multi-Media Strategy

If the games Sony will provide aren’t interesting enough, they are offering another gift. Partnering with Funimation, the anime-focused subscription service, Sony will give extended access for new subscribers where available. This starts on March 25, 2021. Unfortunately, there are few details about the service extension.

Play At Home - Funimation

“In these historic times, the team at PlayStation wanted to thank the community by giving something back. These days, we could all use something to look forward to and another reason to stay safely socially distanced, so we are happy to be able to offer a free selection of great games and some entertainment offers.”

We know that users will get the standard 14-day trial but will also gain an additional 90 days. If you take part in this deal, be aware that you have to cancel your subscription before the end of the period. Miss cancellation and Funimation will roll your subscription into an ongoing sub with a recurring monthly charge. If only Dragon Ball Super was making a triumphant return with new episodes.

What games do you think Sony will give away for the Play At Home initiative? Share your thoughts in the comments!