Pat McAfee Bets Woodward Sports over Detroit Lions Game


Pat McAfee and Stick place a wager.

The Detroit Lions are playing the Green Bay Packers this Sunday for what could be Detroit’s first playoff appearance since 2016.

Pat McAfee had Aaron Rodgers on his show, as he does every week. During the interview, Pat brought up how the Detroit Lions have “big timed” him and shot down an interview with Dan Campbell.

Pat did not take this lightly.  He went on a tirade against the Lions and Detroit. Making some funny threats about if the Lions don’t win, that his mic will be ready to go Monday.

To me, he got caught up in the moment. He had the opposing QB on the air. He got fired up and went a little too far. I can’t blame the man. Sometimes during live shows, you just get on a roll and then regret some things that came off the top of your head. I know. I’ve done it too.

The Detroit Lions Twitter community let Pat and his show have it after seeing the video. Some comments were funny, some downright dirty, and some super disrespectful. You could tell that McAfee had hit a nerve with Lions’ fans.

McAfee later issued an apology for his words during the Aaron Rodgers interview.

The apology was nice.  But, in my world the apology must be as loud as the disrespect.

I decided to place a friendly wager with Pat McAfee and company. So I put out a tweet asking pat if he would be interested in a friendly wager. To my surprise, he responded quickly and was ready to put his money where his mouth is.

Pat went against the “family” and put himself on the Packers side. Now we get to have some fun with it.

I really don’t want to wear a stupid #12 Rodgers jersey for a year. The Detroit Lions will prevail and Pat will come to Detroit for a show. Maybe by then, Lions Twitter will have forgiven him.

Photo: © Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK