OLSMs’ KJ Hamler Making Moves in Denver


KJ Hamler shining at Denver Broncos training camp.

When KJ Hamler (Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep) was drafted in the 2nd round by the Denver Broncos in the 2020 NFL Draft Denver knew they were getting speed. I don’t think they realized that the speed is packaged with footwork that Jerry Rice would be proud of. The Pontiac native, Hamler has already been turning heads in Broncos camp. Twitter went wild for his move on Devontae Harris.Watch it below:


With the Denver Broncos taking Jerry Judy in the first round KJ Hamler has been able to fly under the radar. Hes not expected to do a ton this year from the slot. I can see the Broncos using him as a Tyreek Hill type player in the NFL. Get him the ball in his hands and let his speed and footwork do the rest. I think Denver got a steal in the 2nd round. But, Hamler went to my High School so I’m a bit biased.

Speaking of OLSM, here is what athletic trainer James Gonzales of WORK365 has to say about him, “KJ Hamler will not be outworked. He is among giants but plays with more heart then most. K.J is special”

I’ve had the pleasure of watching a few young players go to St Mary’s, then to college, then to the NFL. There are 3 WR’s from OLSM in the NFL currently, Allen Robinson (Bears), KJ Hamler (Broncos) and Van Jefferson (Rams).Hamler and Jefferson did not finish their careers at OLSM but when they did wear red and black they were fun to watch. Check out some of their highlights below.

KJ Hamler, Van Jefferson and Allen Robinson at OLSM