Nintendo Switch fans can soon play the new re-release of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance


Recently, Black Isle Studios blessed fans with an updated re-release of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. We may have our hands on it, but if there are any gamers interested in owning it on the Nintendo Switch, the wait is almost over. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance will release on the Nintendo e-Shop on May 20th, 2021! Finally, experience the classic action roleplaying game in a portable fashion!

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance

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Black Isle Studios intended to release the Nintendo Switch version of Baldur’s Gate on May 7th. Unfortunately, Nintendo fans didn’t get the game the same day PlayStation and Xbox did. While Black Isle did not go into detail, they tweeted: “Due to an unforeseen issue on the Nintendo Switch store, we’re going to have to delay the launch for a few days to fix it.” They have been actively easing fans’ minds by keeping them updated.

More good news for Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Many gamers may be wondering if the Switch port will need patches like the PlayStation and Xbox versions. Luckily, Black Isle Studios is releasing the game on the Switch in its completed, updated form Day 1. So, players will only be behind in hours, but not on updates. If this isn’t enough good news, well, Black Isle Studios revealed unexpected information on May 10th.

As we can see, “the sequel is on the table.” The team at Black Isle Studios didn’t say anything else, nor did they confirm it’s in the works. However, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 is as good or better than the original, depending on whom you ask. It would be a welcomed addition to any fan’s collection. I hope these remasters will lead to Dark Alliance 3, but I’d best temper my expectations.