NFL Week 5 Power Rankings


Week four in the NFL contained a few comebacks, game-winning field goals and upsets, but who’s trending up and who’s disappointing their fanbases?

The NFL set a record this week with 15 of 16 games finishing within one score. If the NFL keeps up this pace, teams are going to tie every game by week 10. With how exciting the league has been so far, there’s tons of highlights and lowlights.

A lot of teams in the top 10 remained the same, with little-to-no-movement. But, some teams in the middle of the pack had disappointing games that pushed them further down. The bottom third of the league is consistent at the low spots, but some teams moved up off upsets.

Take a look at where your team landed and what to expect from the rest of the league heading into Week 5, NFL football.

  Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is back to number one. Yes, their win could be considered lucky, but Baltimore is a real threat in the AFC. Josh Allen took a step back in this game, but it’s bound to happen against a good defense. Thankfully for the Bills, their defense showed up big. This team is stacked on both sides of the ball. Expect them to remain in this spot if they continue to win.

An away game at Pittsburgh should be a cakewalk for Buffalo. Expect a lot of points from the offense.

  Philadelphia Eagles

This Philadelphia team could very well be at the number-one spot. They dominated the second and third quarters versus Jacksonville, but it was still a one score game. While the Eagles are hot right now, there’s still potential for them to fall into the hole they dug themselves last season. It’s doubtful they do, because both offense and defense are firing on all cylinders.

The Eagles head to Arizona this week, but with the Cardinals trending up, it could be another close game.

  Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes reminded the whole league that he’s still around. The Chiefs offense dissected and demolished a good Buccaneers defense. They rushed for a total of 189 yards and Mahomes slung the ball for 249 yards, three touchdowns and a pick. Kansas City bounced back big after a disappointing loss to Indianapolis.

Kansas City hosts Las Vegas on Monday night. It should be an exciting offensive shootout on both sides.

  Baltimore Ravens

An interception in the redzone cost the Ravens a potential win. Lamar Jackson’s pass game was not the best, but against Buffalo’s defense there’s somewhat of an exception. The Ravens started the game off hot, but it fizzled in the second half of the game, which cannot happen against an opponent like Buffalo.

The Ravens are still an extremely dangerous team which is why they stick at the four spot. They face the Bengals next, which will be a big test for this Ravens squad.

  Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers and the Packer, skated by the Patriots in a 27-24 win. Kicker Mason Crosby won it for them on a 31-yard field goal on the last play of the game. Every star on Green Bay was able to produce on offense, which is a sign of good things to come.

The Packers may play a Giants team without their starting quarterback this Sunday, so it should be an easy win for this top-heavy team.

  Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa was rushed to the hospital after an extremely scary scene. The amount of media attention around the team will affect the performance on the field. Teddy Bridgewater took over the starting quarterback spot, for most likely, the remainder of the season. This team still has potential to win, but it’ll be a hard road back to the level they entered the season with.

Their game against the Jets on Sunday should be a good gauge on what to expect for this team going forward.

  Los Angeles Chargers

The healthier Justin Herbert is, the better the Chargers play. They dominated a bad team in the Texans, in the first half, but struggled to drive in the second. L.A. should continue to improve, despite their inconsistency in the offense.

Their test this week against Cleveland should be a good gauge on where this team lies.

  Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota was was barely able to get passed the one-win Saints last week. They moved up a spot because Justin Jefferson was finally involved after two weeks of less than 50 yards. If Kirk Cousins can continue to find his play makers they’ll continue to trend up.

The Vikings have a sure-fire win this week against the Bears.

  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa ran the ball a total of six times for a total of three yards. Unfortunately, no matter how good the pass game is, it’s extremely hard to win an NFL game with three rushing yards. The Buccaneers defense could not contain Mahomes attack and were subsequently dominated for the whole game.

They play Atlanta next, a team they should beat, but so far Tampa has struggled against better opponents.

  Los Angeles Rams

When a team scores zero touchdowns, it’s hard to win. When the quarterback is pressured nearly every snap and taken down seven times, it’s hard to win. The Rams need to figure out their problems soon. If Cooper Kupp continues to get targeted a third of Matthew Stafford’s passes, he’s going to burn himself out.

There’s still faith for this Rams team with Sean McVay at the helm, but things need to turn around this week. If the Rams can pull off a win against Dallas, it’d be a major step in the right direction.

  Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow was able to take advantage of the circumstances that transpired on Thursday Night Football. The Bengals offensive line was able to hold up, for the most part, which is what the offense needs to thrive. The combo off Tee Higgins, Ja’Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd are a force to be reckoned with.

Cincinnati has a huge “prove it” game against Baltimore this week. This game will be highly competitive. If the Bengals can pull off a win, they’ll jump up big, in the rankings.

  Jacksonville Jaguars

Four fumbles hurts any team, but every time Trevor Lawrence got sacked he lost the football. With Philadelphia winning by only one score, those turnover hurt. Because even if two of those fumbles were turned into score, Jacksonville could’ve taken down a top team.

There’s still high hopes for this up-and-coming team and with Houston up next, Lawrence should regain his confidence.

  Dallas Cowboys

Dallas’ defense continues to be dominant, while Cooper Rush continues to impress. Ceedee Lamb is becoming the “X-factor” on offense and receiver Noah Brown continues to be dynamic with Rush. Dallas will have to seriously consider starting Rush over Dan Prescott when he returns.

Dallas has their first real challenge in three weeks against the Rams. Los Angeles is coming off a bad loss, but they’re still a highly capable offense if they can get on a roll.

  New York Giants

With Daniel Jones going down in the third quarter and backup Tyrod Taylor going down in the fourth, things are interesting in the “Big Apple.” Jones ran in the two touchdowns New York scored and Saquon Barkley added 146 rushing yards off 31 carries.

With Jones questionable, their game against Green Bay should be interesting. Expect New York to fall further down the ladder if Jones doesn’t play.

  Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are starting to find their identity again. Granted they only played the Panthers, but it’s progress none to less. Kyler Murray still don’t look like himself, but he’s playing well enough for them to win. The connection between Murray and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is solidifying nicely as well.

While the Cardinals come off their second win, they’ll have to face a tough Philadelphia team this week. Arizona is playing at home, so there’s a real chance the Cardinals could upset the Eagles.

  San Francisco 49ers

Yes, San Francisco probably deserves to be higher than sixteen in this ranking. But, the faith in Jimmy Garoppolo is still too high. Garopollo has only played in 16 or more games once in his career. The defense is what elevates this team. They held the Rams to zero touchdowns and sacked Stafford seven times.

The 49ers defense will continue to flex their muscles against Carolina this Sunday, expect a similar result of their game against Los Angeles.

  Denver Broncos

With Javonte Williams out for the rest of the season, Denver’s offensive depth depletes. Thankfully for the Broncos, Russell Wilson looks likes he’s returned to his expected form, somewhat. The Broncos heavily rely on their defense to hold opponents, but they can’t hold up every game.

Denver should have a bounce back game, at home, against Indianapolis on Thursday night.

  Las Vegas Raiders

Rejoice Raiders fans, they finally got their first win of the season. It was a good game too. Derek Carr didn’t turn the ball over, Davante Adams was productive and Josh Jacobs ran all over Denver’s defense. The score was close the whole game, but Las Vegas seemed in-control for the majority of it.

Las Vegas has an extended weekend, playing on Monday Night Football against AFC West rival Kansas City. If the Raiders can pull off a win over Mahomes, the outlook of this team is very different compared to the past three weeks.

  Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta kicker Younghoe Koo is the MVP of this Atlanta team so far into the season. Too started the game off with a field goal and ended it with the game clincher. Atlanta’s offense still is struggling, but they’ve been able to at-least get Koa in range.

With Cordarrelle Patterson out for at-least four games, Marcus Mariota is going to have to pick up the slack. It most likely won’t come together this week against the Buccaneers, but they’ve been able to keep their games close enough for a miracle.

  Cleveland Browns

Another week, another win ripped right out of the Browns’ hands. With a chance to win or tie the game, on the final drive of the game, Jacoby Brissett threw an interception. Brissett and Nick Chubb were able to move the offense, but not well enough. Against a rebuilding Atlanta team, the Browns defense should’ve held the Falcons to fewer points.

Cleveland needs a bounce back win, to prove they belong in the top half of the league. But with the Chargers coming to town, they’ll have their word cut out for them.

  New England Patriots

Once third-string quarterback Bailey Zappe replaced Brian Hoyer in the first quarter, of the Packers game, the road to win became bumpy. New England almost pulled off an upset, but a field goal from the Packers won it. With Mac Jones out, this team is going to struggle to put points on the board.

A matchup against Detroit’s defense might be what Zappe needs (if he starts) to get some confidence. But expect a loss this week against a powerful Lions offense.

  Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry is in the groove, the king is back. But that was really all the offense. Ryan Tannehill only threw for 137 yards, but he was able to find a couple of receivers for two touchdowns. The defense was the main storyline here forcing three Indianapolis turnovers, effectively sealing the game.

Tennessee is set to face the lowly Commanders this week, in a game they should be able to handle.

  Chicago Bears

Through four weeks Justin Fields has thrown two touchdown passes. The Bears continue to rely on their run game, but it’s not working. They scored 12 points in their game against the Giants, every score was a field goal. Their defense allowed a hurt Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor to outscore them.

Somehow they’ve won two games, but with the Vikings on Sunday for a NFC North matchup, don’t expect them to add another.

  New York Jets

New York was able to play their game while Pittsburgh continuously shot themselves in the foot. It was a good matchup for Zach Wilson to get re-settled into the Jets offense. He threw two interceptions, but made up for his mistakes in their fourth quarter comeback.

Wilson and the Jets head to Miami on Sunday to face Bridgewater and the Dolphins. This game will be a dogfight if New York can take care of the football.

  Detroit Lions

The Lions have arguably the best offense in the league and undoubtedly the worst defense in the league. But when Jared Goff leads his team to 45 points, they have to win, but they couldn’t. Their defense was in shambles and the outlook is not positive.

With New England up next, the Lions should be able to outscore the Patriots offense. But if the defense is a no-show, expect another drop in the rankings.

  Seattle Seahawks

Seattle was able to direct Detroit’s defense perfectly. They put up 48 points, covered 9-12 on third downs and did not punt a single time. Geno Smith looked like the best quarterback in the league. They moved up from last, but we’ll see if their offense is actually improving or if Detroit’s defense was that bad.

They have a prove-it game this week against New Orleans. The true colors of this team, after scoring the most points in a game this season, will be revealed.

  Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh struggled in the first two quarters of the game on offense. Rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett went at the start of the third quarter, then he threw three interceptions. Turnovers killed the Steelers.

On the road against Buffalo is going to be a tough game. Buffalo should blow out the Steelers.

  New Orleans Saints

New Orleans was a field goal away from overtime, but they missed it. They were able to compete with the Vikings with Andy Dalton at quarterback. The difference between the one game with Dalton and the three with Jameis Winston is turnovers. Dalton threw zero interceptions.

With Winston questionable for the game against Seattle this week, look for New Orleans to compete for their second victory.

  Indianapolis Colts

Turnovers killed the Colts this past weekend. Matt Ryan threw for 356, two touchdowns and an interception. The two fumbles are hard to swallow, along with a missed field goal. This team has the tools to succeed, but have yet to put it together.

Indianapolis heads to Denver on Thursday for a probable boring matchup. It’ll be low scoring as the Broncos defense will most likely be the deciding factor.

  Carolina Panthers

Carolina started off well against the Cardinals. The Panthers were unable to score in the first quarter, but they went into halftime up 10-3. But after that it was all Arizona. Baker Mayfield and the Carolina offense struggled to move the ball, while the defense allowed the Cardinals to score on every second half drive (minus the final drive, run the clock out).

Mayfield is set to struggle this week against a powerful 49ers defense. Expect a lot of turnovers from the Panthers and them to remain in the bottom five ranks in the league.

  Washington Commanders

Washington were unable to gain any momentum against Dallas’ defense. Carson Wentz threw two interceptions and Terry McLaurin was shut down. Their rush attack was solid, but it didn’t result in any scores.

The Commanders take on Tennessee this Sunday. This could be a winnable game, but the Titans are trending up while Washington trends down.

  Houston Texans

There is one positive takeaway from their matchup against the Chargers. Houston was finally able to score their first fourth quarter touchdown of the season. If it weren’t for Davis Mills’ two interceptions, this game could’ve been their first win of the season. But as the only winless team in the NFL, they drop to last place.

Houston has a small chance at victory next week against Jacksonville. But the Jaguars are slowing turning the wheels for playoff contention.