NFL Fantasy Football QB Rankings Top 20


QB Rankings Fantasy Football PPR Top 20

The 2020 NFL season is just around the corner. Here are our Top 20 PPR QB rankings. Who is the best fantasy pick this year? Who is this years fantasy football sleeper? We rank them from 1-20.

1. Patrick Mahomes KC

The reigning Super Bowl MVP. Had a great year last year. Believe it or not KC will have more weapons this year. Hopefully, a full year of Tyreek Hill.  The edition of CEH, who was hand selected by Mahomes, will be exciting to watch. Lamar is close, but I’d go with Mahomes first off the board. 

2. Lamar Jackson BAL

It’s going to be tough to repeat the phenomenal year he had in 2019 where 9% of his passes went for TD’s.  I do think there has to be some regression. He and Mahomes are 1 and 1a. You can’t go wrong with Jackson at QB.   

3. Dak Prescott DAL

I love the Kellen Moore offense. I only expect it to open up more this season. The addition of CeeDee Lamb and Dak being in another contract year should lead to a big year for the Cowboys signal caller.

4. Deshaun Watson HOU 

Some think losing DeAndre Hopkins will hurt Watson. That logic makes some sense.  But so does him having to run more, meaning more fantasy points! I’m taking Watson as early as the 3rd ranked QB. A play making Watson is a fantasy dream.

5. Russell Wilson SEA

Russ is gunna Russ. You know what you’re getting here. Solid QB play. Consistent week by week production.I’ve seen him as high as #3 on some mocks.

6. Kyler Murry ARI

I’m cautious on Kyler. Yes it’s his 2nd year in the Kliff Kingsbury‘s offense. But it’s also the 2nd year NFL D coordinators get to see this offense on film. Murray should take a step forward, I just don’t see it being a leap.

7. Matt Ryan ATL

Another pick based on consistency. Ryan will put up solid numbers all year long. You can build a solid team around him, if you can get him late enough and get value.

8. Josh Allen BUF

Hard to believe he finished as the #6 QB last year! I think he will regress slightly. Stefon Diggs should help some of his passing stats. The addition of Zack Moss and another year of Singletary should limit some of his rushing plays.  That’s where I think he will lose some ground.

 9. Carson Wentz PHI

I like the way the Eagles offense is looking this year. Mile Sanders will be explosive. The two headed monster at TE with Ertz and Goedert will continue to put up big numbers. Add Jalen Reagor to take the lid off the defense. Wentz could be a sneaky Top 5 QB by season end.

10.Drew Brees NO

I see a lot of people fading on Brees. Sure Taysom Hill will poach some TD’s, but do you really think Bree’s last year is going to be a flop? He wants to go out with a bang. I think he is being way undervalued.

11. Matt Stafford DET

Pad Statford is here for all the fantasy freaks! The running game might take a step forward this year. Swift will catch a lot of balls out of the back field. Golladay and Jones will be back. Hockenson should take a step forward. If he can repeat his start from last year and extend it all season, he will be a top 10 guy. That is a big IF though.

12. Tom Brady TB

I really don’t know what to think of Brady this year. If Jameis Winston can throw for 5,000 yards, pretty sure Tom Brady can. This will be a fun year to watch Tom play. I just don’t know if I can risk my fantasy lively hood on it.

13. Joe Burrow CIN

Another question mark. I love his upside here. The biggest thing I take away from Burrow is his running ability. I reference it in our Rookie Dynasty Rankings. He’s 5/2 odd of being Rookie of the Year. I love his upside in Fantasy Football.  

14. Aaron Rodgers GB

We don’t know which Rodgers we will get this year. Is he going to come in motivated after Green Bay drafted Jordan Love? Or is he going to come to camp disgruntled because GB got him 0 help in the off-season at WR? Time will tell. We know he can ball and should still be productive. 

15. Daniel Jones NYG

He hit the “Boom” mark on 30% of his starts last year. With the weapons coming back this year look for Jones to become more consistent.  

16. Ben Roethlisberger PIT

If Big Ben can stay healthy he can put up some monster numbers. The Steelers really didn’t change much on offense. They did add rookie RB Anthony McFarland who should have some 3rd down explosiveness.  He might be able to turn Ben’s dump offs into Home Runs. Juju is a top WR and will get a lot of balls this year. Ben just needs to stay healthy. That is why he is lower than he should be.

17. Ryan Tannehill  TEN

I’m so happy for Tannehill. No, not because of his smoking hot wife. He’s always had good talent; it was just being wasted in Miami. He relies a lot on the play action game. When you have Derrick Henry you can and should. Looking forward to another solid year from Tannehill.  

18. Cam Newton NE

I can’t wait to see what Belichick comes up with for Cam’s skill set. I don’t see him lighting the world on fire this year. New England game plans are different for every team. Predicting Cam this year is going to be tough. 

19. Gardner Minshew JAX

The drip is untouched on Minshew. His game needs to elevate to match it. I see a lot of good things when I watch his film. His rushing yards are sneaky. He had great touch on the deep ball. I’ll take him as my backup any day of the week.  Great Fantasy Football upside!

20. Baker Mayfield CLE

The poor mans Gardner Minshew.  Ok, that’s going a little too far. Crazy how far he’s falling in the fantasy world from 2019 to 2020. He had all the weapons last year and was just avg. I don’t expect much more from him this year.