NFL Continues Exercise of Not Caring About the Fans


The NFL owners voted on a lot of items this past week, including modifying a rule that would allow teams to play two short-week games. But one idea that did not get voted on was to make Thursday night games flexible.

According to ESPN, the proposal had “support from a sizable number of clubs,” but a vote was tabled until a later date. New York Giants owner John Mara called the idea “abusive.”

The proposal would allow the NFL to flex a game into the Thursday night slot with 15 days’ notice. Mara had your time in mind when explaining why he didn’t like the plan.

“At some point, can we please give some consideration to the people who are coming to our games?” Mara said. “People make plans to go to these games weeks and months in advance. And 15 days ahead of time to say, ‘Sorry, folks, that game you were planning on taking your kids to Sunday at 1, now it’s on Thursday night?’ What are we thinking about?”

We’re thinking about making money John. That’s all we really care about.

At the end of the day the NFL does not really care about you the fan. They care that enough of you come through the gates every week or watch on the television. Outside of that, they do not care.

Not a Subtle Change

Changing a game time from Sunday afternoon to Thursday night is a massive difference. Not only are you bringing people’s jobs into account, but a child’s school day as well.

Most younger children are on schedules and go to bed early. Those of you who have kids know that when that does not happen, it might not be a fun time.

Not everyone works for a laid-back employer as well. Or gets out of work at five o’clock. Some people work the night shift during the week. Others need more than two weeks to ask for a day off.

What about those people? Sorry about your luck, I guess.

Mara is correct, a lot of fans plan to go to these games months in advance. Tens of thousands of tickets are sold the moment they become available online. So, there must be some level of preparation.

But if the NFL wants to flex that Lions game to Thursday in two weeks, sucks to suck for the people who now can’t go. That’s how the league feels at least.

This is way different than flexing a game from Sunday afternoon to Sunday night. At least that’s still on the same day. And fans also have a little more of an idea that it could happen. If you are fighting for your playoff lives during the last two weeks, your odds of getting flexed are high.

But now just because one team gets off to a hot start we’re going to start flexing them into a Thursday night game, what?

It doesn’t make sense. Until you realize who is voting on this and then it does. The NFL and (most) of it’s owners don’t care about you. As long as they keep getting your money, they’re happy.

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