New Mass Effect Trailer Reveal!


This year’s Game Awards honored some of the best video games of 2020, but it wasn’t the only reason to watch. We awaited news from some of our favorite franchises. One of those reveals happened to be the next installment of Mass Effect. While not a full-blown outline of what the game will entail, it serves as a teaser for what could be a return to the successful formula. Check out the trailer below.


BioWare used N7 day to delight us with two pieces of news: The original Mass Effect trilogy will get a remaster, and there will be a new Mass Effect title. The last entry into the series was 2017’s Mass Effect Andromeda, and it did not impress fans. Player decisions from the original trilogy mean nothing due to a significant time jump, which may have been why it never had the same magic.

Regardless, BioWare has pressed onward with a new installment. It’s purely speculation at this point, but the trailer reveals lingering elements of Shephard’s journey. We’re teased with a dead Reaper, N7 debris, a shattered relay, and an Asari who appears to be fan-favorite Liara T’Soni. BioWare tops that off by ending the trailer with “Mass Effect will continue.”

The new Mass Effect Trailer doesn’t tell us a lot

Hailed as the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe, BioWare stated that a “veteran team” will lead the project. The game is in an early production state, so we will have to wait a while to get significant answers.

Could we be witnessing a direct continuation of the Mass Effect trilogy? While many gamers are going to love this idea, some may find abandoning Andromeda to be distasteful. We will have to wait and see. BioWare knows we are absolutely hungry for more details, and not only about Mass Effect.

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