New Consoles Shouldn’t Equal Higher Game Prices


The Xbox Series X/S and the Playstation 5 are set to be released in November, along with prices hikes for most games. Gaming experts are predicting the average price for a AAA game will go from $60 to $70. Sure, it’s only a $10 increase, but here’s why raising prices is ridiculous.

Game Packaging Has Become Obsolete Due To Cloud Services

Remember the days of going to the local game store and waiting in line until Midnight to get a physical copy of a game? I can honestly say the last time I waited in line was for GTA 5 in 2013. Now, thanks to cloud gaming services you can download it right to your console in a matter of hours. Sure, I sometimes enjoy having an actual copy of something just to read the inserts, but gaming companies are saving big bucks by not having to make as many physical package due to game downloads. Oh, and not to mention you can’t resell digital copies so the gaming companies never have to deal with a loss if the game is sold back to the distributor.

Gaming Companies Make BILLIONS Off Of DLC Content

Gaming companies are earning $5 BILLION off of downloadable content and add ons. Electronic Arts made $1.2 BILLION in one year off of DLC. EA scammed gamers with crates, special character outfits, and other nonsense that should be EARNED in the game not BOUGHT. If I’m paying $60 for a game and then have to pay an additional $5, $10, or $15 for “Day 1 DLC” I’d rather just not. $60 is a lot to begin with for most gamers, but to charge for added features or even in some cases items or moves that are needed to beat the game is wrong. Also, when it comes to the “crate” or “dice” system where you buy coins to spin a wheel or open a crate that isn’t DLC, that’s gambling. I feel better getting that off of my chest.

The Market Has Changed, So Why Not Adapt?

I’m no economy expert, but from looking at the chart above our market continues to rise and so do prizes. I know, that’s not the gaming industry’s fault, but it brings me to my final point. Gamers are known to spend big bucks for games. It’s one of the most lucrative industries generating $119.6 billion in revenue during 2018. I know I might just be a cheap wad here, but $10 is a hefty price increase. Considering I can spend that $10 by subscribing to Xbox’s Game Pass, EA’s Play Live, and others that offer a wide variety of games for a bottom line price.

I know it’s expensive to make a game. You have to have a dedicated team of producers, developers, engineers, and a staff that works tirelessly for bare minimum. Instead of these companies charging $70 for a game, why can’t more companies work together? Offer gamers more cloud service subscriptions and I guarantee your game will get in front of more people. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to search for quarters under my couch for extra DLC money.