NBA 2K21 Adds Unskippable Ads To Game


Sources have confirmed that NBA 2K21 will not only cost $10 more than its predecessor, but you’ll have to deal with unskippable ads. Just when you thought the big gaming corporations couldn’t take any more of your time or money.

NBA 2K And Take-Two Interactive Wants ALL Of Your Time And Money

This isn’t the first time the NBA 2K series has forced ads on its users. NBA 2K19 had unskippeable ads as well! The series is also receiving a lot of hate for basically charging $10 more (from $60 – $70 for NBA 2K21) for the same game as last year. I think gamers would be totally cool with paying $10 more if there was some form of improvement for the series, but it’s the same old song and dance. Every year we are given the same game, but with just a little bit better graphics. Oh, and don’t forget about micro transactions to add to the $70 cost for the NBA 2K series.

I’m once again going to sound like a disgruntled old man here, but I’m so sick and tired of being force fed advertisements. I hate it on TV, I hate it on YouTube, and I especially hate it on video games. If you come up with a creative and noninvasive way to plug a company in your game then I commend you. It seems though that gaming companies and developers would much rather force an ad down gamers throat for that lucrative ad revenue. NBA 2K needs a serious overhaul as it is, and adding unskippeable ads isn’t going to help fans stick around for the franchise.

How can you charge an extra $10 for a game AND make gamers sit through unskippable ads? Double dipping much? I get it, times are changing and companies have to adapt to make extra income, but forcing ads is not it. Sadly, this is going to be the norm for big gaming companies and soon we will have to watch multiple ads to even play a game.