Monty Williams Reveals Why He Chose The Detroit Pistons


Before the Detroit Pistons announcement of Monty Williams as the next head coach, many fans and observers began to wonder how long would the search go on.

Criticism ranged from why no candidates had prior head coaching experience to many believing the Pistons were in over their heads after initial reports that Williams turned down their offer.

When paired with the results of a 17 win season fans began to doubt Troy Weaver, the “Restore” and the teams overall direction. This was a first and a departure from the common chorus of “Trust In Troy”, especially after relatively great drafting of Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren.

But with two coaching hires of Monty Williams and assistant Stephen Silas fan confidence in the rebuild has been restored.

The big question everyone wanted to know was why Detroit?

“The quick answer is obviously Troy (Weaver), the players and the money,” Williams remarked.

He gave three answers that should factor at top of any list for a coach, so lets break it down starting with the money.

The Full Monty

Monty Williams wasn’t shy about saying the money mattered, but not for the reasons you may think. For Williams it proved the Pistons were serious about what they were selling as a team ready for the next step. He thinks more coaches should be honest and grateful about the investment teams are making.

“I always laugh at that, I think that’s disrespectful,” Williams said. “When someone is that generous to pay me that type of money, one I think that should be applauded. And two, it should be talked about.”

Williams said though it would be ideal to coach closer to home and have less stress, he felt valued by the offer and opportunity.

“When somebody shows this kind of confidence in you, it gives you confidence to move forward with them in a cool way.”

Sounds like money well spent.

Trust in Troy

And back like it never left, the phrase ‘Trust in Troy’ is starting to heat up again. And for good reason after utilizing his connection with Monty Williams to help get him here.

“Im grateful for the trust that Troy had in me. Not just for this job, but for a while,” Williams said. “It’s been a great friendship and partnership going back to OKC and to be here with him now is a true blessings.”

Beyond the personal connection it was Weaver’s vision for the Pistons’ ‘Restore’ that really got him thinking.

“When he said restore, it was never rebuild,” Williams said. “When something has been great you can restore it back to greatness. To me that was more the selling part than trying to redo what we did in Phoenix.”

The patience and way the Pistons handled things touched Williams who was also being pursuit by other top teams.

The Players

Tom Gores was confident saying “we believe we’re capable of winning” when asked what the hire of Monty Williams meant. And Troy Weaver echoed the sentiment shortly after stating “yes, we’re ready to take a step forward.”

Because of the belief in and potential of players like Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren.

Williams spoke highly of the impression Cunningham made on him in a conversation during his rookie season.

“I was on my way to the bus after a game and Cade just walked right over to me and we started talking,” Williams remarked. “Troy and I were talking right after that and I was like who is this kid you got? He’s mature, shakes your hand and looks you in the eye.”

”I told Troy, you got a good one”

Williams said the trials the team went through the last few years gives him “hope and excitement.” He believes Dwane Casey and Troy Weaver did a great job setting the table before him ensuring the cupboard wasn’t bare. Talent matters which is why Weaver told him he’d “put this locker room up against any other in the league.”

Monty Williams wouldn’t be here without the talent on the roster, no matter the amount of money offered. He also checked with other NBA front offices about the Pistons core and received positive reviews.

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