Microsoft Responds To Overheating Xbox Issues


Is This A Serious Xbox Issue Or Just Fake News?

The Xbox Series X is the most advanced Microsoft console to date. The new video game system is built with state of the art equipment to insure optimal performance. Shortly after it’s release some gamers took to Twitter to share their frustration with their consoles literally smoking due to overheating issues. The only problem is that literally ANYONE can fake an “overheating” issue with some good ole vape tricks.

Microsoft Will Investigate “#VapeGate” Issue, But What About The Real Overheating Issue?

Microsoft has released a statement saying ““We take all product safety reports seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards. We are in the process of investigating further”.

The only problem is that there’s another serious issue with the new console…

According to reports some games that take a huge amount of power and performance to run will cause the console to crash and reset. I can say from personal experience that while playing COD: Cold War on Wednesday our Xbox Series X crashed THREE times during the live stream. Although this isn’t something that completely crashes the system forever, it’s something that needs a patch update ASAP.

I understand no console will be perfect, but there has to be a fix to this issue and it needs to happen now. I know it’s to protect the console from overheating and it’s to protect the system, but it’s super frustrating. When you spend $500 on a new Xbox you want it to work. You don’t expect to be playing and it crashes over and over again. Sure, there are way more important things to worry about during a pandemic, but I game to not think about what is happening in 2020. I know there are trolls that will just want to try to make a quick buck by using vape tricks (which in all seriousness is pretty genius) to get a new system. The real issue though is that the new console can’t handle high performance gaming right now and that is a serious problem.