Michigan: McCarthy, Edwards Make Buckeyes Tap Out


Oh my god. That phrase was yelled throughout homes in Michigan on Saturday as the Wolverines threw numerous haymakers at Ohio State.

Michigan scored touchdowns of 45, 69, 75 (twice) and 85 yards in their 45-23 victory over their arch rival.

Blake Corum shows up in the box score, but essentially, he didn’t even play. That didn’t matter as fellow running back Donovan Edwards rushed for 216 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries. Most of his damage came in the all important second half.

The offensive line did an amazing job opening up holes for him to run through. Ohio State didn’t leave much safety help, so once Edwards broke through the first level, he was essentially gone.

Michigan had out muscled other teams all year long. This game was no different. The only change was that the Wolverines found ways to score on big plays.

The offense had been carried by the rushing attack throughout the season. But with the run game in flux due to Corum’s injury, it was time for the quarterback J.J. McCarthy to show us something. And that something was special.

Admit When You’re Wrong

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter…

You can send your hate comments my way after reading this. Yeah, I was wrong about that. I’ll take responsibility for my words.

McCarthy played a great game. Can’t argue it. His team needed him the most today, and the young man came through. That’s what good quarterbacks do. Great ones can do it consistently. We’ll find out just how great he is over the next five weeks.

McCarthy did a great job getting the ball out quickly and accurately to Cornelius Johnson on the sideline, who then spun away from a defender and ran it down for a score.

He did a fantastic job scrambling when he needed to, picking up first downs and even touchdowns. He played great.

Do I think he’s all of a sudden Vince Young at Texas? No I don’t. It’s one game. Again, let’s see what he does in the playoffs.

His other two passing touchdowns, the receiver was wide open. I mean, no one was in the same zip code as Johnson on his other score.

McCarthy still has trouble overthrowing guys on easier throws. He still only completed 50 percent of his passes.

But again, he stepped up and made plays when he needed to in order for his team to win. He got the job done. Rivalry games like this, that’s all that matters.

Stigma Broken

One of the biggest things to take away from Michigan crushing Ohio State (again), is the preconceived notion that Ohio State is going to beat Michigan, just because, is now over. That also goes for the same talk of OSU is going to win the Big Ten, because they’re OSU.

One year can be an anomaly. But this is two years in a row, Michigan has dominated the Buckeyes and won the division. We’re no longer talking about exceptions.

Even coming into this game, I had strong doubts Michigan would win. Call me crazy, call me a cynic. One of those I’ll admit to.

But I needed to see Michigan do it again. Beat them one more time, so I can justify in my own mind that last year wasn’t a one-off.

And now they’ve done it.