Mastermind in Motion: Steve Yzerman Gears Up for a Pivotal Draft


In a mere eight days, General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman, will spearhead a draft that carries profound significance for the franchise. With a remarkable advantage of possessing five picks within the first 43 selections, Yzerman and the Red Wings stand at a pivotal crossroads. Their primary objective? To cultivate and nurture young prospects who possess the potential to form a resilient and enduring foundation for the team’s future.

During his Pre-Draft Press Conference, Steve Yzerman made it clear that he currently has no intention of trading away the 9th overall pick and, most likely, plans to utilize the 17th overall pick as well. When asked about the possibility of moving any of the picks to acquire a player via trade. Yzerman emphasized his commitment to building a strong foundation of young players. He stated, “I’m focused on assembling a nucleus of talented prospects using these draft picks, individuals who will form the core of this team. So, if we were to part with any of these pieces, we would have to believe that the player we acquire would become an integral part of our future core.” Yzerman’s words underscore his strategic vision for the team’s long-term success, prioritizing the development and cohesion of a talented group of prospects.

Pressure on Yzerman for Playoffs?

When questioned about the mounting pressure for the team to make the playoffs, considering their absence since 2016. Steve Yzerman calmly stated that such external factors do not influence his current approach or future plans. He emphasized, “From my perspective, it does not affect what I’m currently doing or how I intend to proceed.” Yzerman reassured that he remains steadfast in staying on course. Ensuring that any decisions he makes, including potential moves, will always be carefully calculated. His unwavering focus on executing a well-thought-out strategy underscores his commitment to the team’s long-term success, unaffected by external pressures or timelines.

Trade Market for Red Wings Leading up to the Draft

As the journey to this juncture unfolds, speculations have swirled regarding the possibility of the Red Wings utilizing their picks and assets to acquire notable players like Erik Karlsson and Alex DeBrincat. While addressing these rumors, Yzerman acknowledged his awareness of the market dynamics across the NHL. Having engaged in discussions with various teams. However, he clarified that his current intention is to retain the picks. Yzerman explained that any decision regarding trading up, down, or for a player would likely materialize on draft day. This highlights Yzerman’s measured approach. Keeping his options open while remaining attentive to the rapidly evolving circumstances that may arise during the draft.

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Photo Credit: © Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports