I Hate March Madness


Another year, another failed bracket I’ve had to throw away. Just hours into the start of March Madness and all the hard work I put into it is pointless. Every year it feels like a tradition to fill out a bracket, like life isn’t complete until you fill out at least one per year. Whether thats on ESPN, Woodward Sports website or you work league. The same work league that some how Janice from accounting always seems to win because she picks the teams with the cutest uniforms.

Come on, thats just annoying. The amount of hours I’ve spent on Saturday’s watching games and reading analysis from reporters seems stupid now when I look back on it. If the time spent doesn’t kill you then its the fact that you’ve wasted so much money on each bracket you filled out. Because if you’re not playing for something what are you even playing for? Money, prizes, or hell even a trophy. We all want to get something out of this, but every years seems to be a repeat of the same thing.

One random Cinderella team goes all they way to the the Sweet Sixteen. I.e. Princeton, who even knew they were good? One number one seed will make it but picking what you think is a sure thing always seems to backfire. You can’t be homer and go for your favorite team because even though it was your year last year. Those same rules don’t apply this time around and they get bounced early on in the tournament. Also, somehow the final two teams in the championship are either one or both not who you expected. Making you feel even more like you don’t know basketball. Do you even do sports bro?

If the upsets don’t drain you, then it has to be everyone around March Madness. The “I don’t fill out brackets person”. Chill Karen, either join in with the rest us or don’t try and jump on your moral high horse and tell us what we’re doing is wrong. Or maybe it’s the “I haven’t lost in any of my brackets.” Its only day 2, if you think you’re making it to the final four with a clean record, the you’re just lying to yourself. Oh and how can you not forget about the “I called that upset” guy. Yes, yes you foreseen the University of Maryland Retrievers beating Virginia, a one seed. Good job.

Mach Madness is the biggest roll of the dice that you’re just hoping something sticks. Like your favorite team in your head, you keep the faith thinking this year is your year. Its not! Over 20 millions people fill out brackets each year and no one will ever get it right. I think you have a better chance at hitting the lottery than filling out a perfect bracket. As I said earlier, its a tradition, your sports fandom doesn’t feel complete unless you do one. Here, take my money, I already know I’m going to lose. I know I’ll end up in the bottom of whatever leaderboard there is but you know what? Next year is my year, its gonna happen, I know it!