Hutchinson bobble might be greatest of all time


It’s a bobblehead and a bobble-leg.

Getting your hands on the iconic Aiden Hutchinson bobblehead is another reason to make it to Ford Field for the Detroit Lions Monday Night Football game against the Las Vegas Raiders. The first 25,000 fans get a free bobblehead. The next 25,000 will be on Amazon to purchase the Aiden Hutchinson bobblehead and bobbleleg.

It’s already selling at a steep price. Goons on Amazon are selling it from $199 to $299. Let’s hope that price comes down when the market is flooded after the Monday Night game.

This might be the best bobblehead in sports history. Or at least it’s the best that I’ve seen in my sports bobblehead history.

First things first. Here is a big surprise. The Aiden Hutchinson bobblehead actually looks like Aden Hutchinson. Usually companies place a generic white guy head on top of a body with his jersey color and number. It could be anybody from Jared Goff to Matthew Stafford.

For a brother, they simply slap on a light coat of brown paint and glue on some curly hair to mimic him. These bobbles can be anybody from Lamar Jackson to Reggie Jackson, and they all look alike.

Whoever did the Hutchinson bobble took time to study his features and they sweated the details. From eye brow to chin, this is Hutch. His leg even bobbles because of his already-iconic Billie Jean sack celebration kick.

I love it and want to add it to my modest bobblehead collection. My best one is of Red Wings legend Gordie Howe followed closely by four Tiger Woods, Tiger slam bobbles. I also love Detroit Tigers mascot Paws, a free giveaway to Central Michigan University alumni who attended CMU Night last summer. He is wearing a CMU baseball jersey rather than a Tiger jersey.

I have bobbles of four former Tigers and one of former CMU basketball coach Jay Smith, given out many years ago by the student newspaper CM Life.

The Hutch might be the greatest of all. It comes with the unique eye black by his right eye.

Hutch approves. So do I.


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