Here’s How To Get The Next Xbox Series X For $300


No, This Isn’t A Xbox Pyramid Scheme Or Scam

Paying $500 for the new Xbox Series X isn’t something everybody can do, especially during these tough times. I mean, I’d go hungry for a couple days to be able to afford the new console, but my family kinda needs to eat and so I probably should wait until the price drops. Luckily, gamers in simular situations might not have to wait thanks to a new trade-in promotion from Gamestop.

Gamestop announced in an email that they will be offering trade-in credit towards the new Xbox Series X that is set to be released on November 10th. Gamers that decide to upgrade to the new console can visit a Gamestop location, trade in their old system, and earn credit towards the Xbox Series X. There are no details as to how long this deal will last, but hopefully Gamestop decides to keep this deal going after the launch. Lets also hope this trade-in applies to the Playstation 5 as well as for right now the company has only announced the deal for customers planning on buying the Xbox Series X.

Gamestop Staying Relevant In The Digital World With The Trade-In Deal

This is a genius move for Gamestop considering the current landscape of the gaming world. The days of visiting a Gamestop to purchase a game are pretty much over thanks to cloud services. Remember going with your friends to get a new game at the local game store? Now everyone just stays home and downloads games. Blasphemy! Gamers can now simply put in their credit card information and download a game in a matter of hours. WHAT HAPPENED TO HANGING OUT IN REAL LIFE?! Regardless, grab that old Xbox or Playstation and turn it in for some trade in credit!