Here’s 200 bucks on the Lions winning the Super Bowl


Call me a fool.

Call me foolish.

Hell, call me a sucker or a dumb ass.

But I am joining this Detroit Lions bandwagon push by placing a $200 wager on the Lions to win the Super Bowl. Just don’t call my wife. That is instant divorce.

Do I really believe the Lions are winning the Super Bowl? No.

But it’s a good bet. If I win I receive $22,000. If I lose I am out 200 bucks. Or a good night at Harry’s Detroit or Three Nicks. And people will laugh at me. It won’t be the first time.

The Lions Super Bowl odds are dropping rapidly because people in Detroit are not the only ones drinking the Honolulu and blue Kool-aide or eating the delicious Lions corn bread. If I made this bet before Sunday’s 34-23 victory over the Minnesota Vikings to push their record to 6-7 I could have won $50,000.

I better hop on before Detroit gets too hot and are actually in the playoffs rather than just on the graphic.

Two hundred bucks on the Lions? I have made more foolish gambles. I once gave Spirit Airlines $200, gambling it could get me home on time. Bonk. It took us 26 hours to get from Las Vegas to Detroit. I buy Lotto tickets with a billion to one long shot to win the big Power Ball or Lotto jackpot.

Besides, can you really tell me who is going to win the Super Bowl? You can’t. Did you see the 2021 playoffs? Every team that made it were in trouble at some point, including the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. Every game seemed to be decided by three points.

Many of you believed there was no way the Rams could win because Matthew Stafford, a man who failed to win a playoff game in 13 seasons with the Lions, was their starting quarterback.

After Wild Card weekend seven games were played and all seven were decided by one score. Six of those games were three-point games, including the Rams 23-20 Super Bowl victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

If you shuffled the deck again you could end up with different Super Bowl participants.

All the Lions must do if they make the playoffs is survive the opening weekend and let chaos take over.

This Lions team is different than the one that went 3-13-1 a year ago and 1-6 this season. The stupid Lions penalties that has plagued this team for decades has been missing the past month. How many times have the Lions made a big play while nursing a late lead only to see it erased because someone jumped off sides or someone was called for holding on the opposite side of the field?

How many times have you seen kickers make impossible field goals to send the Lions to last second crashes?
We’ve seen Aaron Rodgers nick them with a last-second Hail Mary when Coach Jim Caldwell didn’t think he had a strong enough arm to reach the end zone. We’ve seen the Chicago Bears end a game with a 100-yard kick return. And we’ve seen the Lions lose Sterling Sharpe in the end zone because half the players thought they were in a Cover 2 and the other half a Cover 3.

How many times have we seen the Lions get the ball with six minutes remaining in the game, up three, trying to run out the clock? What usually happened is the Lions ran three running plays and game the opposition the ball with four minutes remaining, enough time to score a late touchdown to win.

Then Lions fans bitch about the team being too conservative rather than put the nail in the coffin. Against the Vikings the Lions ran off nearly seven minutes of fourth quarter clock.

“It feels different, men,” quarterback Jarod Goff said to screaming teammates after the game.
It feels different enough for me to put my money where my mouth is. The 200 bucks won’t kill me. But if I win I am headed to Las Vegas for one hell of a weekend.

Photo: © Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK