Haven – A couple’s fight for freedom


Can love conquer all?


The Game Bakers studio is looking to bring back the much-coveted couch co-op with their newest adventure “Haven”.

Who are they? The Game Bakers is an indie studio based in Montepellier, France. Without an old friend of mine recommending their previous game, Furi, this studio would have never fallen under my radar. Furi is a high-octane game that mixes hack n’ slash with shoot ‘em up mechanics. Your goal? Gaining your character’s freedom through gameplay that exclusive features boss battles! I’m a sucker for brilliant narratives and sprawling worlds, but this isn’t that kind of title. Questionable voice acting aside, it’s worth your time!

Haven – A tale of freedom and love

Haven is throwing away my expectations, trading hyper-violence for an RPG adventure. We play as Yu and Kay, two individuals who flee their world to be together. Beasts native to the land see you as prey while the environment is overtaken by rust that you must cleanse. Uniquely, they will also face the trials and tribulations of everyday life as a couple and explore the meaning of love, freedom, and if love is worth sacrificing everything for. To demonstrate, the game will emphasize the simultaneous control of both lovers and allow a friend to seamlessly join as one of the characters.

Togetherness is part of the theme Game Bakers is exploring and, as a result, Yu and Kay don’t simply synchronize their combat for the battle system. The two will focus on finding materials to repair their ship and gathering resources to furnish and expand their home. They’ll even take up more menial tasks, such as crafting and cooking!

The World of Haven

So far, nothing in the press release kit for the game talks in-depth about the world. For instance, we’re not given a name to call their new home. Despite that, it is a beautiful world reminiscent of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Even the environmental ‘rust’ you clear by acquiring glow calls back to BotW – It looks identical to the pools of malice that blanketed much of Hyrule.

Visually stunning, the world is full of color and light. Interestingly, I find the anime-inspired characters to contrast the world they’re in. That is a great choice for the art direction, as it conveys the reality that they are strangers on a new planet. Kudos!

The Features

Dialogue Options

I’d like to point out that there is a dialogue feature! It’s not as extensive as the dialogue wheels we’re familiar with, but you’re given options in conversation. I love creator-driven narratives but give me a game that allows me to alter that narrative and I am in!

Couch Co-Op!

Something I’m more excited for is the cooperative play. It’s important to realize that the days of couch co-op haven’t died but dwindled. That is to say, my Wife and I have trouble figuring out what to play together because the function rarely shows up. When it does, count on it likely being a first-person shooter. Therefore, a game emphasizing a couples’ journey together is perfect to add to the collection!

In conclusion

Emeric Thoa, creative director and co-founder of The Game Bakers, had this to say about the game:

“We wanted to create a game that explored the nuances and complexities of a mature relationship while taking players on a multifaceted ride of adventure, humor, tension and mystery.”

Haven is coming December 3  to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One (Xbox Game Pass).

It will hit Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Q1 2021.

I am ready to undertake their harrowing adventure. Are you?

Haven; The couple embraces