GTA6 Rumors Confirm New Vice City Map?


After Months Of Rumors Could This Actually Be The New GTA6 Map?

The GTA6 fan base is a strong one. Rumors have been swirling around the web regarding the sixth installment of the Grand Theft Auto Series, but Rockstar has been silent on details. Users on 4Chan might have just cracked the code and revealed a possible new map for GTA6!

Before I get into too many details let me say that this article is all based on SPECULATION and RUMORS. I don’t want to get too excited sharing all of the details as this all could be false, but at this point it’s been too quiet on the Rockstar side to not speculate on what the future holds for the series.

Is Rockstar Going Back To The Classic GTA Vice CIty Map?

First reported by, it seems 4Chan users have possibly discovered some new details regarding GTA6. The image above shows a possible new GTA map along side what pops up when you type Miami, FL in Google Maps. Now, GTA Vice City wasn’t an exact replica of Miami, but we all know that Rockstar likes to emulate actual cities in America when creating new maps.

Here’s a quote from Inverse to better explain why the two images above are important…

The GTA fan compared the 2018 map to satellite images of Miami to verify that the post wasn’t a copy and paste job done using Google Maps. While the map was clearly inspired by Miami, it appeared to be a recreation of the city and not a clone — which is more or less the approach Rockstar Games took to recreating an alternate version of Los Angeles for GTA5.

Will There Be Multiple Maps In GTA6?

If the above image is in fact is an actual picture from a future map on GTA6 this means the series is going back to the classic GTA Vice City maps. This would also confirm the rumors of “Project Americas” which circulated around the web in March. Regardless if it’s just a part of GTA Vice City or the entire story line happens in a virtual Miami world, I’m super pumped that we’re getting some new details. I don’t care if they’re all rumors at least something is happening.

Now that I got all the details out of the way let me say OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING! When it comes to gaming I am the definition of a “bro gamer”. I love first person shooters, sports games, and anything that I can pick up and play for hours and hours. I like games that are open world style such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption. The ability to be able to play an open world map is what makes Rockstar games great. GTA6 will most likely be open world and have free roam options. I just wish Rockstar would give us some hints and confirm if the above rumors are true!