Girls on My IG: Olivia Dunne


Instagram has blessed my timeline all of 2022 with some great content.  Today, Olivia Dunne popped up.

I thought she looked familiar. Turns out she signed a huge NIL deal for over $2 million!

She has TV commercials for a American Eagle, GrubHub, EA Sports and more. Which is why you probably have seen her face before.

Her IG is nothing shy of perfection.  Here is a look at some of her best posts.

Olivia Dunne has become an ambassador for NIL saying “I think it’s great for female student-athletes in gymnastics like myself because there is really no professional league after college,” Dunne told the New York Post, “so we can capitalize on our opportunities right now. It’s such a special thing. It’s like I’m part of history, all of us student-athletes are.”

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