Girls on My IG: Kendra Lust


We are back for week 3 of Girls on My IG.  For those of you that are new to it. The concept is pretty simple.  IG likes to suggest girls on my timeline.  I pick one and Highlight them each week.  Week 1 it was Paulina Gretzky, Week 2 a lovely young lady from Arizona, Cheyenne Swensen.  This week wasn’t so random.

Kendra Lust saw our post last week and tweeted at us she wanted a feature.  Who am I to say no to the world’s best known MILF?  It also helps that she is a Metro-Detroit Native. Kendra has supported Woodward Sports since day 1.  The least we could do is give her some shine!

So without further ado.  Here are some highlights from Kendra’s IG.

Some of you may know Kendra from films.  I’ve been lucky enough to know her and hang out a few times.  She is about as down to earth as you can get.  And as you can see by the pics she is a Detroit Lions fan! Which is always the fastest way to my heart.

So congrats Kendra Lust on being one of the Girls on my IG this week. You can also follow her on twitter, OnlyFans and Facebook.