Gardner Minshew is giving away beer


Gardner Minshew and Bud Light have teamed up for a Fantasy Football Promotion

Do you want free beer? Well then you better be drafting Gardner Minshew in your Fantasy Football Draft! Bud Light will be giving away cases of beer to people who enter their contest. The catch. You must Draft Gardner Minshew in the FIRST ROUND! Obviously that is an over reach for Minshew. He is currently being projected as the #17 QB for Fantasy. But if you like beer, more specifically FREE Beer, why the hell not?

Could Minshew be worth a First Round Pick?

The simple answer is, NO. But that wont stop us from at least taking a look on how it wont absolutely crush your team if you did.

Jacksonville’s Defense is going to be bad this year. With trade talks about Yannick Nqakoue already happening. Plus, Yannick may just elect to sit out even if he isn’t traded. This will set the Jags back even further. Meaning a lot more passes to be thrown for Minshew!

He has gained a great relationship with D.J. Chark. Who should have a major break out season after his semi-breakout last year. Apparently Chark has become the “go to” target in training camp.

The addition of Chris Thompson as a pass catching 3rd down back should help him scrap together a few more yards. That also give Leonard Fournette a bit of a break to stay healthier throughout the season.

Minshew was the 3rd rated passer in 2019 in passes over 20+ yards, so we know he can be explosive in games. If he were to be able to add a few rushing TD’s in the mix he could wind up as a Top 10 QB.

Now, is that enough for you to take him round one? That is on you and you love of Bud Light. Personally, Id give anyone in my league a case of Bud Light if they spent their first round pick on Minshew. Love the dude, his swagger, his jock strap work outs but I play to twin the game. I can buy many cases of Bud Light with my winnings by taking Joe Mixon in with the 10th overall.