Ex-Lion Demetrius Taylor Suspended Indefinitely by NFL for Gambling Violations


In the ongoing saga of gambling-related suspensions in the NFL, former Detroit Lions defensive tackle Demetrius Taylor is the latest player to face an indefinite ban, effectively ruling him out of the upcoming 2023 season.

Demetrius Taylor Faces Indefinite Suspension

The whispers began in May when The Athletic’s Kalyn Kahler revealed that an undisclosed Lions player from the 2022 roster was being scrutinized for possible violations of the NFL’s gambling policy. Notably, this player was not a “prominent player” on the team and it wasn’t confirmed that they were still on the roster, according to Kahler. On Thursday, the rumors were confirmed when the NFL suspended former Lions DT.

Taylor, along with Isaiah Rogers and Rashod Berry of the Colts, face suspensions through the end of the 2023 season. They were found to have been betting on NFL games, a direct violation of the league’s rules. The NFL has also confirmed that Nicholas Petit-Frere of the Titans is suspended for the first six regular season games of 2023 for betting on non-NFL sports at the team facility.

Taylor had a brief stint with the Lions in 2022, playing in just one regular season game and spending most of his tenure on the practice squad. The Lions released Taylor in May, shortly after the conclusion of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Detroit Lions Highlighting Education

In response to the wave of gambling violations, Lions head coach Dan Campbell emphasized the importance of education on the league’s policy. “Yeah, we just make a point of emphasis over and over. Just continue to state it,” Campbell said. He added that while the specifics of each case were in the hands of the league, the team had taken steps to highlight the issue.

Campbell further underscored the need for teams to enforce the policy rather than leave it to the league alone. He explained:

We need to make sure that we really hit this ourselves and make a point of it. We did, but obviously not enough. The proof’s in the pudding. So, for us, let’s take it out of their hands. They will have what they do every year, but now we need to put our own emphasis on it. And I think that is the best way to do it, is to highlight it.

A Stern Reminder

This latest suspension serves as a stern reminder for players about the league’s uncompromising stance on gambling. Despite calls from fans and media for stronger educational measures. Undeniably, rules were indeed broken, and it’s common knowledge that the NFL isn’t known for changing its mind. In this game of high stakes, it’s a hard lesson learned for Taylor and his colleagues.


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