Detroit Pistons’ James Wiseman: “I Just Want To Win”


Did you have any real expectations when the Detroit Pistons traded for James Wiseman? If not, it may be time to change that.

Wiseman scored 23 efficient points with seven rebounds Monday night against the Charlotte Hornets. This, only a few days after recording a double-double versus the Raptors.

Wiseman appeared comfortable and confident, which stood out most while scoring in various ways. With a near coast to coast layup in only two dribbles, and a soaring tomahawk jam, the most impressive.

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Wiseman scored from three, the mid range and a with his back to the basket, which I really liked. He successfully guided several hook shots over the outstretched hands of helpless defenders. And made it look effortless, too!

I selfishly want to see him get more paint opportunities with the season’s remainder focused on player development. That shouldn’t be a problem based on recent numbers of Wiseman and Bagley. But basketball is a game played on offense, and made on defense. So though we might be pleased with the his offensive showing, Wiseman wants better from the team defensively.

Wiseman’s Focus: Wins and Defense

James Wiseman was proud of his breakout performance, but focused more on winning and defensive consistency. James continues to prove wise with every post game press conference, he knows what success is about. “It feels good, but I want to win,” Wiseman said. “I played a good game for my team, but I just wanted that win for sure.”

Every competitor wants to win, but do they know the blueprint? Wiseman sure does, based off what he’s saying. And every Detroit Pistons fan would absolutely agree that defense will always be the key!

“I feel like our defense is something we need to improve. The fourth quarter we kind of went down a little bit. If we would have played just a little bit harder, we would have tied the game or been in the lead.”

Are you just as glad he called out the defensive effort? At times it seems they’re lost in the scheme or not sure where to be. But the effort, or how hard you play should be more consistent and less able to criticize.


James Wiseman’s interview following the Hornets game Monday night was insightful. He continued to deflect praise, while complimenting teammates and mentioned the “C” word.

“I feel like once our chemistry got up, and our energy, that’s when we got on a run.”

Chemistry is going to be very important for a young team looking to take the next step. Especially with the NBA draft and free agency, there could be big changes based on what Bojan Bogdanovic said to HoopsHype.

“Having conversations with the club, Troy (Weaver), and the owners, they assured me that we’re going to be great next year,” Bogdanovic told HoopsHype. “We have a lot of cap space to sign great players. We’re going to have a high pick again, so that’s going to help us a lot. We have a great young group of guys.

It was good to hear Wiseman give an account of how the players are seeking to build that chemistry, despite the changes. “They cheer me on every day. In practice, and games, though I be missing plays.”

As they continue to get comfortable with each others playing style, and rooting for each other the chemistry will be noticeable by the start of next season.

What’s Next for the Detroit Pistons

Jaden Ivey and the Detroit Pistons face the Chicago Bulls, Wednesday, March 1st at 7:00 PM.

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