Detroit Pistons: Jalen Duren and James Wiseman Lineups, Anyone?


Do you want to see the Detroit Pistons explore Jalen Duren and James Wiseman lineups? Defense, rebounding and a pairing with Duren were the first things I thought of when the trade for Wiseman was announced. Unfortunately Injuries have robbed the team of deploying many two-big lineups, despite that being the goal entering the season.

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That was the plan when drafting Duren, despite having Isaiah Stewart and inking Marvin Bagley to a new deal. It may sound odd in an era where teams have gone with smaller and more versatile lineups. That’s similar to how they started with Bojan Bogdanovic and Saddiq Bey taking turn at the four spot, but neither proving adequate defensively.

Which prompted the James Wiseman trade, by Troy Weaver’s admission. “We’ve been at a disadvantage size-wise,” Weaver said. “If we can’t rebound and play at the rim, we don’t have a chance.” The Pistons have lost a lot of games to teams that have started using bigger lineups, and which have been the better teams this year.

Jalen Duren agrees with the sentiment going further to say they should lead in team rebounding game to game. “We should never lose rebounding with the bigs we have,” Duren said “I feel like I can get every rebound.”

Need For Size

To keep up, Troy Weaver stated several teams that have given the Pistons more trouble as the blueprint. The Celtics, 76ers and Cavaliers were a few named that employ physical bigs that also possess offensive versatility, without sacrificing defensive intensity. It’s not easy to find, but identifying those players has become a crucial element to success in the eastern conference this year.

For observers wondering why Troy Weaver keeps rolling the dice with big men, there’s your answer, and why they jumped at the opportunity to trade for Wiseman, and draft Duren.

Duren was coveted, for his freakish athleticism, basketball IQ and rebounding, while Wiseman for his versatility inside and out. He also has shown ability to take a defensive rebound from coast to coast as the main ball handler. These type of skill sets allow them to start offense faster, catering to the Pistons strength in transition. This bodes very well when matched up with guards like Jaden Ivey, Cade Cunningham and Hamidou Diallo that run the floor well.

Coach Dwane Casey is sending a message that it starts on the defensive side, as well as rebounding. It’s not enough to have the personnel unless they’re playing up to par, which he’s stressed to the team.  “I got into our bigs and told them if we’re going to play double big, we can’t get trounced on the glass,” Casey said. “Because they’re too big… with their length and size to get pushed around.”

It was music to my ears to hear Jalen Duren definitely received the message, and understands the assignment. “We’re growing as a team. I feel like it’s good, that is where the league is going,” Duren told Woodward Sports Network. “It takes time, but honestly I feel it is great for us. You look at teams like Boston, Milwaukee and all the high level teams they play two bigs.”

“We have a lot of dynamic bigs and we’re going to be good.”

Duren said it with conviction that starts with his belief in Isaiah Stewart, James Wiseman and the work he puts in.

What’s Next for the Detroit Pistons

Jaden Ivey and the Detroit Pistons play the Indiana Pacers, Monday, March 13th at 7:00 PM.

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