Detroit Lions v. Dolphins: Staff Picks and Score Predictions


The Detroit Lions will host the Miami Dolphins in Ford Field today at 1pm ET.  The Lions are desperately looking to snap a four-game losing streak.

Lions Owner Sheila Ford Hamp spoke before the media this week, saying she’s frustrated, but she’s still confident in the people they have in the organization.  Coach Campbell reacted to her words, saying he’s well aware that patience only lasts so long.

“I mean, look I’m not blind to any of this. It’s – I appreciate that and I know, but I also know the reality. I mean, we’ve got to win. I mean there’s still urgency here. I mean that’s not – that’s never changed. This is a – I mean, we know what kind of business we’re in. I know what kind of business I’m in and I know that the patience only goes so long. So, look we’re trying to get one this week and then, after that takes place then you go get the next one. But I mean it’s all about winning. I mean, we’re not – we’re not trying to kick the can down the road. We’re not trying to say any of that. I mean, we’ve got a team here that I know can win and it’s my job to get them there.”

The good news for Lions fans is the expectation for D’Andre Swift to return in today’s game.  The running back has missed three games since he suffered a shoulder injury in the game against the Vikings.  The return of wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is also expected today.  The two have the capability to make huge strides for an offense that has struggled the past few weeks.

Here are our staff picks and predictions for today’s game:

Braylon Edwards: Dolphins 33-Lions 20

Ryan Ermanni: Lions 34- Dolphins 24

Tom Mazawey: Lions 24-Dolphins 21

Jeff Iafrate: Dolphins 31-Lions 24

Adham Beydoun: Dolphins 31- Lions 23

Stick: Lions 31, Dolphins 28

Neal: Dolphins 24, Lions 21

Maddy: Dolphins 28, Lions 21

Maddy Miller – Detroit Lions Beat Reporter

On Twitter: @madelynvmillerr

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