Detroit Lions Score High in NFL Salary Cap Analysis by PFF


The Detroit Lions have been favorably ranked fifth by Pro Football Focus (PFF) in a three-year salary cap analysis for all 32 NFL teams. PFF’s Salary Cap Analyst, Brad Spielberger, highlighted the Lions’ progress, noting, “A Lions franchise on the rise cracks the top five: Detroit ranks in the top 10 in 2023-25 cap space and the bottom 10 in total prorated money, with not many major internal extensions pending.”

Youth and Prudent Financial Management: The New Lions Blueprint

Spielberger further emphasized the Lions’ transformation through smart decisions, especially in the draft. “The Lions made four top-20 and seven top-50 draft selections over the past two years,” Spielberger stated. This includes an anticipated debut from dynamic wide receiver Jameson Williams in week seven of the 2023 season.

The rejuvenated team also revamped its secondary without a hefty price tag. In an era of constant player movement and aggressive pursuit of Super Bowl dreams, the Lions exemplify prudent rebuilding. Gone are the days of futile attempts at maintaining mediocrity, as seen with their decision to part ways with quarterback Matthew Stafford, Brad Holmes first move as GM.

Building for Sustainability: A Look at the Lions’ Strategy

This report underscores the value of both veteran players and rookies in building a team. Notably, the Lions, who have perennially struggled, now enjoy a robust 2023-25 cap space and rank low in prorated money. The strategy seems to aim for sustainability, a rare feature in the Lions’ history.

PFF’s NFL Cap Health Rank from 1 – 32

Brad Holmes: The Architect of Detroit’s Promising Future

It’s impossible not to laud Detroit Lions General Manager, Brad Holmes, for his pivotal role in steering the team. The man has turned everything around. Holmes has focused on introducing quality veterans at a fair price, securing star free agents on one-year deals, and demonstrating remarkable acumen in drafting talent.

Anticipating a New Era in Detroit

With an efficient approach to cap space management and judicious talent acquisition, the Detroit Lions are poised to become a consistent contender in the NFC North. As Spielberger observes, “This team could be in a really good position to win the NFC North for the first time in 30 years.”

Things feel different in Detroit. And this salary cap analysis seems to confirm things really are different. This analysis and the Lions’ promising performance down the stretch in 2022 hint at a revival of the franchise. The fans, franchise, and city are ready for a new era of Lions football, buoyed by a potential first NFC North title in three decades.


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