Darren McCarty’s Top 3 Red Wings He Wished He Shared the Ice With


I sat down with the former 4x time Stanley Cup Champion Darren McCarty to reminisce about all the great memories along with teammates he once played with while playing for the Red Wings.

McCarty now evaluating the team through a different lens and enjoying the NHL from a fan’s point of view. I wanted to dive into D-Mac’s mind and know which players he would’ve liked to play with if given the chance. Darren gave three Red Wings both past and present that he wished got to spend time on the ice with.

Ted Lindsay

The first one that comes to mind is Ted Lindsay. Ted not only what he meant as a person in my life but, also what he meant to the organization. He was fierce competitor. Just to play and go to war with him back in the day would’ve been awesome. I could see myself doing that, that would’ve been fun. Not to mention, I think I could have played in the old time game, right? That was more my game than today.

Dylan Larkin

Number two, I’ll go present day obviously the Captain Dylan Larkin. I see so much in him. So much of the greatness that I’ve been surrounded by. Not only in this organization, but around the NHL. The similarities as a leader to Steve Yzerman, but also Jerome Iginla, who I spent time with in Calgary. I just love the kid to death.

Dennis Polonich 

I’m gonna pull a name out of the hat. You know a lot of people had to be around, but when I grew up a WINGS fan back in the late seventies and early eighties, they weren’t good, they were the Dead Wings. But they  fought everybody. So I’m gonna say Dennis Polonich. Dennis was one of the toughest Red Wings, they called him little Chief. He was just fierce, He’d fight anybody and be productive while doing so. 

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Photo Credit: © Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK