Cyberpunk 2077 console reviews hindered by CDPR


As the release day for Cyberpunk 2077 grows near, many players are growing hungry for reviews. When they did spring online, everyone noticed an unfortunate bit of business: These reviews are exclusively for the game’s PC version. With many people eager to test out their new hardware with this expansive game, we’re all left wondering what gives? Where are the Cyberpunk 2077 console reviews? Well, Skill Up has given us our answer:

Why CDPR’s embargo exists

Those sentiments make sense. Without the ability to show their gameplay, video content creators have to rely on limited footage. That isn’t ideal for the format, specifically because their creative stamp won’t be present. I’ll take nothing away from Skill Up’s choice to hold back until he can present it as he sees fit. It certainly is a restrictive move on CDPR’s part, but it’s not without it’s reasons.

Cyberpunk 2077 Casual Chat

On the other hand, CD Projekt Red has released a pre-launch patch on Xbox, and it seems another one is coming on December 10th. It could be that their choice to limit the use of footage to trailer scenes is because it’s all pre-patched. It’s hard to believe a day one patch will eliminate every bug, but, understandably, the company would be leery of pre-release, pre-patched gameplay. At this point, anything I think is purely speculation.

I’m ready to review it

The gaming community finds itself wondering if we’re getting the game in an unfinished state. I can’t speak on that conclusion until the game is in my hands. Once it is, you best believe I will be scouring this game’s content so I can throw my voice into the praise or condemn bin. Given CDPR’s track record, I’m less inclined to believe it will bomb, but when have our predictions changed the real outcome?

Stay tuned!

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