Combat 1’s Love Hurts Featuring Darren McCarty


The local support and fans of Combat 1 wrestling came out in bunches on February 10th for their Love Hurts show. A fun twist and play on words, as Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Fellow Woodward Sports writer Jon Kloss and me were in attendance to not only support but to cheer on Darren McCarty. Yes that’s right. Four time Stanley Cup champion Darren McCarty was in action facing off against Chinstrap Jesus Kyle Barrett. These two have had words before in this bitter feud that’s ended in some pretty intense moments leading up to this point. The other matches on the card that night entertained us before these two became the main event.

The Wrestlers

Credit to the young up-and-coming stars of not only Combat 1 but also former stars of AEW and Impact Wrestling. All of which showed out to make the night one of a kind by getting fans involved. The opening match in particular, which saw a triple threat match with a twist, go out into the crowd. The twist, you ask, was that, you had to preform a high risk maneuver from the top rope in order to gain a pin fall. It ended with one superstar leaping from a ladder that was propped up against the gym wall through a table setup below on their opponent. All this took place in between the crowd, and the fans couldn’t get enough.

In all, there were six matches total for the night. That ranged from the extreme to the wild to the down right scary. A wrestler bit a fans finger on the way of the area! I can definitely say that was something I haven’t seen before at an event. As Red Wing pinwheels and Game Over shirts seem to take over the arena. It was clear who everyone was there to see, Detroit’s favorite son DMac.

The Combat 1 Main Event

Fighting for the honor of Detroit, DMac took the fight between him and Chinstrap outside and around the ring. They made their way through the crowd as DMac held Chinstrap up to allow fans to punch and slap him as he took him around the ring. In what everyone thought as an easy victory for McCarty, he covered Barrett for the pin. Only for the referee to to stop counting after two and deliver two middle fingers to DMac. Barrett soon got the upper hand after delivering a low blow to McCarty and then paying off the referee. An interference from Barrett’s partner would distract him as DMac grabbed a hockey stick. Delivering a low blow of his own and his finisher, the Cold Stoner, for the pin and victory.

This was my first Combat One event and certainly won’t be my last. In addition, the love for local wrestling in the city is strong and has a deep fan base. The next event of Combat One is around Cinco De Mayo in May. It already has Michigan native Rhino set for the main event as tickets are currently on sale. I’ll see you there. We are 1!