COD Warzone Coming To Mobile Devices?


COD Warzone has taken over the console and PC market, and now the first person shooter might be dropping on mobile devices soon. Activision posted a new job listing (sorry folks, the job has already been filled) searching for a executive producer for a mobile game titled WZM. We can only assume that means WarZone Mobile because what else would it mean?! Obviously this is all based on a rumor, but we love rumors and get way too excited on potential news.

Call Of Duty Mobile dropped on October 1st 2019 and has generated over $327 million for Activision. Since June 2020 it has had over 250 million downloads. COD Warzone Mobile will most likely share similar numbers as the console and PC platforms had over 60 million downloads in the first two months. Activation has not released a statement regarding details on this move, but lets pray the rumors are true!