Check Out Snoop Dogg’s New Xbox Series X Fridge!


Snoop Dogg Receives The Ultimate Birthday Gift

Snoop Dogg is now the owner of the coolest (literally) gaming gifts you could ever receive. Microsoft debuted the Xbox Series X fridge on their YouTube channel, and it looks INSANE.

The Xbox Series X Fridge Is 6 Feet Tall And Weights Over 400 Pounds!

The XBox Series X fridge is the ultimate response to the countless memes accusing Microsoft of the fridge-like new system. The fridge features neon green interior, the classic boot up sound when you open the fridge door, and the trademark white glow Xbox logo on the front of the fridge.

Microsoft hooked up the one and only Snoop Dogg with a XBox Series X fridge on Wednesday. Snoop shared the experience of unboxing the massive gift on his Twitter.

The Series X Fridge retails for $499, but if you’re feeling lucky you can retweet THIS tweet for your chance to win one!