Bryson DeChambeau Stupidly Calls Out Tiger


At the most recent LIV Golf event, Bryson DeChambeau was asked if anyone from the PGA Tour had cut off relations with him amid the tension between the two tours. DeChambeau noted one particular person and confirmed their identity. Tiger Woods.

DeChambeau stated he texted Woods on his birthday and that he’s been a great friend. But Woods has not responded back to him in a long time.

Not exactly the smartest of moves coming from a guy known as golf’s biggest nerd. If there is one player in the world you don’t verbally target its Woods. He has power in the sport that you can’t buy. Tiger doesn’t move the needle. He is the needle.

Bryson DeChambeau didn’t say anything mean or personal. But to put it out in the public sphere that Tiger has been ghosting you. Not a good idea.

He also goes on to mention that Tiger “has his viewpoints on it and thinks we’re potentially hurting his record. If anything, nobody is ever going to touch his record.”

I have a hard time believing Woods is worried about his records. He’s probably more worried about catching Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record for one. And two, no one is currently remotely close to even touching Tiger’s number of wins or major trophies.

Tiger & Everyone Else

Woods has 82 PGA Tour victories and 15 major wins. The next closest among active golfers is Phil Mickelson with 45 wins and 6 majors. With Phil now on LIV, he won’t win another Tour event. And at 52 years old he’s not winning 9 more majors.

Dustin Johnson has 24 wins and two majors. He’s also on LIV so he’s out. Rory McIlroy has 23 wins and four majors. He’s too far away. Justin Thomas is in a similar position with 15 wins and two majors.

Everyone else is even further away. From Jordan Spieth to Jon Rahm and Xander Schauffele. No one is catching Tiger. Believe me, he ain’t worried about his records. DeChambeau wasn’t doing much to hurt it when he was on the PGA Tour either.

It really sucks not having DeChambeau on the PGA Tour anymore. He was kind of a douche, yes, but he made things interesting. Whether it was trying to get a free drop because there were ants near his ball or openly calling out the company that makes his clubs. He got the Tour more clicks.

Even what he said about Tiger is interesting. But it was not the right person to talk about ghosting you. You don’t mess with the big cat.


Photo Credit: © Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

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