Bridgewater signing another sign the Lions are going for broke


The Detroit Lions pulled the wool over our eyes. And I’m OK with it as long as they did not go through their devilish plan of making Nate Sudfeld the backup quarterback behind Jerad Goff this season.

The Lions are trying to win it all which is why they did an about face and signed quarterback Teddy Bridgewater who played under Campbell in New Orleans.

Earlier this summer the Lions called Sudfeld “the perfect backup” for Goff. You could see their noses grow at the podium as they spoke. But the Lions want to win now. They know all they’ve worked for would unravel if Goff were to be injured and Sudfeld were asked to take over.

Lions Coach Dan Campbell kept in contact with Bridgewater because he is familiar with his work and needed an upgrade at QB2. Now Bridgewater becomes the best Lions backup quarterback since Erik Kramer in the 90s.

It is another cap friendly deal pulled off by the cap guru Brad Holmes. It is worth up to $5 million over two years with $2.5 million guaranteed according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Holmes must be negotiating through hypnosis.

This is less than Bridgewater earned last season (6.5 million) with the Miami Dolphins to back up oft injured Tua Tagovailoa.

I get why the Lions called Sudfeld the perfect backup. You want players to feel comfortable and wanted right up to the moment you no longer need them.

“I mean I was with him,” Campbell told reporters about Bridgewater. “When you are with somebody for two years you get a feel for them. The way they are wired. The way he thinks. I’ve seen him run the offense…seen him in critical moments. I’ve seen him develop young talent and receivers.”

“I mean we lose (starting quarterback Drew) Brees and we go 5-0. He went in there and kept the ship afloat. He kept the heading right where we needed it and that meant a lot to me. That’s all we need. So to me that is one of the reasons I wanted him here.”

Bridgewater is an insurance policy you never want to see on the field. If Bridgewater is holding a clip board it means Goff is healthy and playing well.

The signing of Bridgewater is another sign the Lions are going for broke.

They upgraded their insurance policy from Bob’s Discount Insurance to All-State.

In three years with the Philadelphia Eagles Sudfeld passed for 188 yards, one touchdown and one pick. Bridgewater has thrown for 15,120 yards, 75 touchdowns and 47 picks during an eight-year career with the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Florida Panthers, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins. He threw for 683 yards, four touchdowns and four picks with the Dolphins last season.

The Lions are going for broke signing a guy they never want to see. That makes sense though. We never want to get into an accident but we buy auto insurance anyway.


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