Brad Holmes Addresses Hockenson Trade


Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes addressed the media Wednesday on the decision to trade tight end T.J. Hockenson.

The news of Hockenson being traded within the division to the Minnesota Vikings left fans with mixed feelings.  While some anticipated the player would be traded, some fans were outraged the Lions would give him up.  Holmes assured the media Wednesday that the decision was calculated.

“First of all, I want to publicly express my appreciation for everything that T.J. did for us. He’s a good, productive football player for us and we’ve had a great relationship since I’ve been here. I wish him all the best besides when we’re playing him going forward. But he was a good player for us and all the moves that we make really is – they’re well thought out, it’s strictly with the best interest of the football team and that is it. Nothing’s impulse, nothing is knee-jerk, and we’re well thought out, well planned. And we strive to be the best we can and as adept as possible with all the tough decisions that we have to make for the present and future of our football team.”

The Lions currently stand at 1-6 on the season, losing the last five games straight.  The firing of defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant on Monday had everything to do with the record, but Holmes said this decision did not.

“But this move was not reflective of our record if our record was reversed and it made sense for us, then we would’ve still done it. So, it wasn’t anything of that nature. But it made sense for us and we just move forward with it.”

Trade Details

The deal consisted of Hockenson, a 2023 fourth-round pick, and a conditional 2024 fourth-round pick for the Vikings.  The conditional fourth-round pick will become a 2024 fifth-round pick if the Vikings win a playoff game.  In return, the Lions would receive a 2023 second-round pick and a 2024 third-round pick.

While Hockenson trade rumors spiked late last week, Holmes says nothing really popped off until this week.  Frequently heard between Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell is something or someone being a “good fit” for the organization.  Holmes says this decision was no different.

“I think it was a good deal for the future of our team and that’s my job is I always got to have a laser focus, not only the current but also the future. And that’s what I did and it just made sense for us.”

Backing Sheila

Last week, Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp addressed the media on the status of the rebuild.  While she says she was frustrated, she believed in the people and the leadership she put in place.  Wednesday, Holmes doubled down on trusting the process, saying they’re going to do everything they can to turn this thing around.

 “We are going to compete every single day. I think I told you guys from the get-go, we’re not putting some time stamp on this thing and saying, ‘Oh, we’re not going to be good this time, but we’ll be good –’ We’re working at it every single day. We’re scouring the waiver wire, the League, looking at potential opportunities that might make sense to bolster our roster and that’s what we continue to do.”

The Detroit Lions will host the Green Bay Packers this Sunday at 1pm ET.

Maddy Miller – Detroit Lions Beat Reporter

On Twitter: @madelynvmillerr

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