Aston Martin’s New $74,000 Gaming Simulator Is INSANE


Aston Martin announced this week that they’ve teamed up with Curv Racing Simulators to enhance the gaming experience with the new AMR-C01 simulator. The high-tech simulator incorporates all the luxury Aston Martin has to offer along with state of the art engineering to emulate a real racing experience. The AMR-C01 will feature a carbon fiber body and a front end design similar to an actual Aston Martin. This is an insane design in my opinion, but what is even more interesting is the price tag…

The AMR-C01 simulator is currently in the first phase with the new partnership and will run around $75,000. $75,000 is a pretty steep price tag, but what else would you expect from the auto giant?! Obviously the typical gamer won’t fork over $75k for this rig, but this isn’t for the typical esports gamer. This is for someone who just loves to throw away money in my opinion. Similar setups may not have the Aston Martin named attached to it, but they’re out that and for much cheaper. Yes, I want one. No, I can’t afford it. Yes, it makes me mad so I have to come up with excuses as to why you don’t need this even though it is one of the coolest rigs I’ve ever seen.